While most DAWs will have their own stock sampler you don’t have to just settle on these. There are a plethora of software samplers out there, each promising to handle your samples in their own unique way. And what’s more, many of these are FREE. So let’s take a gander at 3 such super sampling specimens.

TX16Wx Software Sampler

According to the strapline, this is the “sampler plug-in for creative musicians“. So as long as you possess a median of creativity this one should fit the bill. Modelled and inspired by classic hardware samplers this one certainly doesn’t lack in the features department, possibly at the expense of simplicity. It offers extensive sound-shaping facilities including 2 resonant filters and fully automated multi-mode polyphonic glide. You can drag audio in from your DAW or input it directly via a bus, which is neat. And once your samples are in the TX16Wx it offers flexible mapping and organisation. So if it’s a highly capable all-rounder you’re after then this should provide you with everything necessary to put you in seriously creative sampling mode. And if you find yourself craving even more sampling powerful an upgrade to the TX16Wx Professional is available.

For a basic walkthrough of the features check out the video below.

Poise: Percussion Sampler

The Poise sampler is slightly more niche in its offering. This one is designed with drums and percussion oneshots very much in mind. With its clear and uncluttered layout, it’s the Poise’s simplicity and drum specialism that is it’s strength. One look at the GUI and you’re instantly transported into MPC territory, especially with its retro green display windows. Everything is laid out clearly and although the feature list is not extensive it does offer some really great tools for Druma and Perc work. Most notably you can stack up to 8 different samples to a pad. You can then apply a variety of round-robin and layering functions to the sample-laden pads. Velocity or random sample selection are just two triggering options making it perfect for realistic as well as experimental drum programming. The Poise is ideal for beatmakers who like to go deep on the drums and like to create their own unique drum sets. The only slight drawback, at least for Mac users is it’s only available for Windows.

Check out the glowing review below from Sounds & Gears.

Scylla by De La Mancha

For our final choice, we have something altogether different. Not your traditional sampler but instead a sample synthesizing hybrid. The Scylla is probably best suited for creative sound design as it enables you to shape and fuse audio samples with powerful synthesis. As such the possibilities are truly endless. And to help aid your audio experimentation De La Mancha has taken great care to produce a simple and well-laid-out interface. At first glance, it reminds me of the GUI of the Vallhall FX plugins. The 4 layer tabs make navigating between sample/synth layers a breeze. All the standard synth parameters are on offer as well as ring mod and granular synthesis. So if experimental sound design is your bag then Scylla is worth your attention. And as with all of these 3 samplers, you have nothing to lose with their $0 price tags.

For a demo showcasing the potential of the Scylla’s synthesized/sample-based sounds check out the video below.

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