KVR’s Developer Challenge Has Entered its Download & Voting Stage. The challenge first took place in 2006, is hosted every two to three years & invites software developers a brand new, free, sound library, software plugin or application.

Music producers then have the privilege of downloading any plugin(s) of their choice, try them out, and vote for their favourite – all for free. Sponsored by the community-funding KVR Developer Challenge 2021 donation pool, the top five developers are awarded a cash prize!

We’ve seen some truly great plugins come from this competition such as Triple Cheese, Lagrange & Youlean Loudness Meter… and so many more. It’s time to get excited for another round of magnificent software!

Our Top 5 KVR Plugins:

FKFX’s Influx 

This is our personal favourite. We’re all about things that are unpredictable – and this plugin brings that to the table.

From the developers of the Obvious Filter, Influx manipulates the incoming signal with a resonator and a tube distortion unit. With a trusty multi-point LFO editor in the resonator module, the user has full control over the sound transformation. With 38 scale modes, wave-shaping modules, a filter and so much more… this is a bit more than a multi-effect plugin.

With 82 included presets, you’re ready to go straight away! If you want more presets, download 128 additional patches for free from the Heat Audio Facebook page.

Full Bucket’s WhispAir

A wavetable soft synth that has a user interface not too dissimilar from MonoFury, another great plugin by Full Bucket, WhispAir packs a whopping three oscillators & noise generator, a filter with multiple modes, three LFO’s, four envelopes & a sweet chorus effect. If you’re ready to get some harmonic keys going over your 4 X 4 beat or need to add some colour to your introduction, look no further.

Phuturetone’s GR-8

With a maximum of 8 simultaneous voices, Gr-8 can be played in four modes: mono, unison, chord and poly. This beauty is a virtual analog synth with a lot to offer, including a flavoursome EQ, distortion, reverb, phaser, delay and chorus modules for detailed sound design. Oh, and we can’t forget the arpeggiator! GR-8 comes with 88 presets so you can jump right in!

If you enjoyed Phutura then we know you’ll have fun with GR-8. Containing a dual-oscillator synthesis engine and FM, PWM and sync oscillator effects, this tool is not to be overlooked.

Fellusive’s Nettle

This is an interesting one. “Nettle is a software instrument that explores the unique and relatively under-explored world of scanned synthesis. The timbre of the sounds you create constantly evolve, as the waveform produced is made by tracing (scanning) the positions of masses that are always in motion” says Fellusive. Curious concept, right? “These masses are set into motion when you press a key on your MIDI controller – this simulates the action of a hammer striking the connection of masses. Through the user’s manipulation of the masses, the springs that connect them, and the hammer that excites them, a wide range of dynamic, almost sentient, sounds are possible.”

Nettle has the ability to play 32 voices in polyphony, has a range of built-in presets and also the option to save your own presets. The patch can be manipulated with its automatable knobs, a colourful multi-mode filter, four LFOs and an ADSR envelope and packs two modulation sources for your MIDI controller to connect to. If you’re after some really unpredictable sound design, there is a randomise button onboard this sweet machine.

Apisonic Labs’ Transperc

A transient shaper, you can use to amplify your drums‘ attack transient or to add further shape to your percussive sounds. However, it can also be used on any type of sound.
The plugin also features a high pass & low pass filter (where the chain starts), an on-board ‘clipper‘ module to catch any excess volume peaks, and a dry-wet mix knob. If you’re trying to bring the percussive groove out a bit more in your latest track, this could be your ticket.

And there is still so much more! Find it all here.