Chime in with Christmas jeer with Arturia’s Tape Mello-Fi and add Lo-Fi warmth to any sound, including sleigh bells.

Tape Mello-Fi is completely free for you to grab right now! It’s an easy to use plugin that’ll enable you to add Lo-Fi character to your sounds from the get-go.

Tape Mello-Fi is a FREE plugin that’ll bring Lo-Fi warmth to your tracks, Source: Arturia

If you’re like me and enjoy the atmosphere of Lo-Fi then you’ll dig the wonderous Lo-Fi vibes that Mello-Fi will bring to your one-shots, loops, and sound effects.

Tape MELLO-FI’s sound finds its roots in Mellotron V, Arturia’sa software recreation of the legendary Mellotron instrument. A mixture of tape reels, analog circuitry, and time gave the Mellotron its distinct sound. Made of fluttering, grainy, and compressed qualities; the sound of the Mellotron V has become a revered one.

And how does Mello-Fi do its thing, exactly? we’re glad you asked.

From subtle distortion and warm saturation to pitchy flutters and smooth filtered sounds, Tape Mello-Fi extolls the imperfect behaviour of tape in digital plugin form.

Tape MELLO-FI isn’t just a one-trick lo-fi pony. It comes as a feature-rich tool for all musicians and producers to use. Here’s how, as reported by Ask Audio.

•Authentic tape emulator & lo-fi effect based on Mellotron V’s vintage sound & behaviour
•Classic tape controls like Noise, Flutter, Wow, Wear, and Mechanics
•Added features like Distortion and Boost
•Interactive tape wheel with tempo-synchronized Tape Stop feature and optional Instant Tape Catch-up
•12dB low-pass and high-pass filter section
•Enhanced Stereo Width feature introduces offsets to Wow & Flutter from left to right for an extra-wide sound
•Curated 25-preset library for instant access to retro & lo-fi effects

We know what you’re thinking: “If only there was a place where I could find some epic sampels to runn trhough Tape Mello-Fi”, right?

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