BABY Audio‘s free new plugin, Magic Dice, brings the unpredictability of chance to the digital realm, reports MusicTech.

BABY Audio’s Magic Dice free plugin, Source: MusicRadar

Magic Dice is a modulation plugin that features only one button. Magic Dice is the successor to Magic Switch, another of BABY Audio’s free plugins with over 100,000 downloads, and it brings the weightless multi-effects of their award-winning Spaced Out plugin into a simple interface.

With Magic Dice, we can create completely random yet lush atmospheres with just one click. What texture is created, however, is up to chance. With the entirety of Spaced Out’s sonic palette, we can create spacy echoes as well as deep reverbs. The selection may be up to chance, but the role of the dice will still give us the rich sound of Spaced Out’s reverb, delay and modulation, but we can’t control any single parameter.

Baby Audio has stated that “the combinations are endless and you’ll never hear the same result twice.”

However, we can manipulate the dry/wet mix of the effect, so at least we have some control over what’s happening to our signal. A dry/wet mix is pretty important when it comes to spatial effects, so it’s doubtful they gave us this power out of the kindness of their hearts.

To get your hands on this ultra epic freebie, get yourself over to Baby Audio’s website and enter your email to sign up for their newsletter.

Magic Dice is available as a VST, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in, with full Mac M1 compatibility. If you’re thinking about grabbing BABY AUdio’s other freebies, you can still grab Magic Switch, as well as Baby Comeback, from their site!

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