A USB mic with vintage aesthetics? You’d think that Behringer’s latest product is straight out of the 60s, but the Behringer Vintage Mic Series are actually of the 21st century.

But these vintage-looking mics don’t have classic vintage specifications. After all, they’re USB-powered, reports Gear News.

Behringer Vintage Microphone Series, Source: Behringer

Vintage Capsule, Type 44, Waffle Iron, Spring Mount, and Bomb USB Microphones. The Behringer VINTAGE MICROPHONE Series Vocal Microphones are designed to serve our Recording and Broadcast Customers.


The very first things that are going to grab anyone’s attention are the vintage looks. They look like they have jumped in a time machine and left the 60s only five minutes ago. But if you were hoping for that authentic vintage hardware of the ’60s at this price point (which would be a real bargain), then you’re going to be a bit miffed. But that doesn’t mean these aren’t fit for purpose mics.

The influences of these awesome designs include ribbon and carbon transducer designs by RCA, Coles/STC, and Western Electric. They’ve all been replicated magnificently (aesthetically wise, anyway).

All of these microphones are USB microphones that make use of back-electret condenser capsules. There isn’t much variety on offer in terms of different mic elements used in the build of each different microphone, so Behringer seems to have intentionally made your purchase decision about looks more than anything.

Behringer is pricing these new mics at $89 each. They may not be the best choice for a professional studio recording. However, we’re in the 21st century. A podcaster or content creator swayed by antiques may well find their favorite purchase with Behringer right here!

So, if you’re looking to start a podcast, a YouTube channel, or any content that requires a microphone… an eye-catching mic could bring in some viewers with a keen eye for aesthetics.

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