AGL VST Customs have announced the release of Druid Bass X2.

Druid Bass X2 is a free bass guitar multi-effect plugin for Windows. This plugin combines five essential effects for bassists in a rack chain, reports Producer Feed.

  • Preamp –
    The preamp parameters is an emulation of a bass preamp. Featuring a powerful 6-band EQ, the preamp. Perfect for connecting to a mixing console or an audio interface!
  • Distortion –
    To add additional harmonics to your sound, the Distortion section has two sub-controls after a Drive control. We can use the Drive control to for the valve amplifier that adds distortion. The “Color” parameter allows us to create different flavors of sound.
  • Modulation –
    With gentle and deep chorus and flanger effects, we can create a wide sound that’s rich in harminics.
  • Compressor 
    You’ll find the classic threshold, attack, ratio, and gain controls. The “Attack” knob lets you create a slow attack effect as a bow style.
  • Reverb –
    The onboard reverb brings a spring reverb sound to your bass.

​As well as all of these cool features, there is also a noise gate and input & output level controls with VU meters.

Now available as a VST3 plugin (64-bit), Druid Bass X2 is DAW ready exclusively on Windows.

All you need to download it is a valid email address is required.

The best part about this digital plugin is that it’s not just guitars and other instruments that can be run through it. You process any sound imaginable, as long as it’s in your DAW, of course.

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