It’s truly a great time to be a musician. Not only are we getting some massive deals on big music making software and hardware, but Echo Sound Works has nowreleased awesome freebies for Thanksgiving! We’ve got a collection of free sample packs, an NI Kontakt instrument, and presets for Serum & Vital, reports Producer Feed.

So, let’s have a peep at what’s on offer, shall we?

Percussion Toolkit

Percussion Toolkit is a collection of unique percussive elements that are fit for any genre, and ready to be mixed down right off the bat.

If you’re not on the MIxxed site, finding great sound samples can be pretty hard and often frustrating. But Echo Sound Works has created a short term solution, and we’re all over it. The Percussion Toolkit includes 100 one-shots ranging from hard-to-find world instruments, as well as processed and layered sounds.

On top of the one-shots, there are also 50 loops with varying tempos.


Impact is also an ultra-cool sample pack, dedicated to great sounding impact samples. 25 of them, in fact.

Echo Sound Works cinematic sound designers worked together to bring this pack to life. Artists and producers everywhere use impacts. Whether for special effects or on drops, impacts are here to stay. They’re so great at creating and resolving tension, and, after all, tension and release are what music is all about!

However, not all impact samples work for genres and sub-genres such as House, Future House, Pop, Future Bass, Trap, etc. So Echo Sound Works wanted to create a small but POWERFUL collection of impacts for these genres.

Toy Piano

Here’s my personal favourite. Toy Piano. Call me childish if you want.

Toy Piano is a virtual instrument for NI Kontakt. If you haven’t got Kontakt, we recommend you get on it!

Toy Piano is great for genres such as Trap, Drill, Latin, Pop, and even Lo-Fi. The environments that the Toy Piano can create and revel in are innumerable. Part bell and part piano, Echo Sound Works sampled and mixed the sounds to get a sweet NI instrument.

Reese Basses

Dubstep heads! Drum and Bass heads! Come see!

Reese Basses, as well as being a quirky pack, features 20 Serum presets and 15 Vital presets. Can you guess what kind of presets they are? What kind of sound, huh?

The “Reese Bass” or detuned saw bass, is probably one of the most used synth sounds of the past 5 years. And there’s a good reason for that. It works in almost any genre. Reese Bass comes with 20 Serum presets and 15 Vital presets. Anyone who produces modern music is going to love this pack.

Here’s Dead Limit by Noisia. A great example of a powerful reese bass! If you fancy making your own, here’s our guide.

The freebies are available for instant download on the Echo Sound Works website.

These four freebies will be a great addition to your plugin and sample libraries. You’re well on your way to making great music. But there’s one more ingredient to make truly great music, and that’s great sounding samples.

We at Mixxed work with a growing number of sample labels and contributors to provide you with an affordable sample subscription service that’s more accessible than any before.

You’ll have access to our growing catalogue of thousands of loops, one-shots and sound effects that you can browse, download and keep forever for less than $3 a month.

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