With music production being so accessible, we thought that access to free music samples would brighten your day.

You’ll get 30 credits to spend on individual free music samples and sample packs for free by signing up for Mixxed.

You can spend your 30 free credits on anything you like. Whether you desire loops, one-shots, or sound effects – they can all be yours. Our sample library contains thousands of free WAV samples for music production. Despite how accessible music production is now, we know that finding free music samples online can be pretty tricky. Especially if you’re looking for free music samples that have good quality.

Why Mixxed?

Before beginning your next studio session, browse through our catalog of samples and inspire yourself. You’ll find samples for Trap music, EDM, House, Drum and Bass, and other faster tempo genres. Not to mention Techno, Trance, and its multitude of sub-genres!

As well as percussion loops, melodic loops, and one-shot sounds for these genres and more, you’ll also find a wide range of sound effects. Whether you’re looking for computer-based sounds like app sound effects, spacious and ambient soundscapes, or field recordings, you’ll find them all inside our sample library. Not to mention a universe of other audio content too!

Download free music samples with 30 credits when you sign up for Mixxed, on us.
Download free music samples with 30 credits when you sign up for Mixxed, on us.

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All of the samples you can browse are DAW-ready. While many sites offer free samples, not many offer royalty-free sounds since many have been uploaded without the authors’ permission. Under those circumstances, you can’t sell your music commercially.

We work with a multitude of sample labels, artists, and sound designers to provide you with music samples fit for producers of any electronic genre. Indeed, even if you’re looking for just a couple of sounds to sprinkle in your composition, you’ll find something that’ll inspire you in significant ways.

The sampling revolution has risen in popularity and shaped music since the early 1970s. Sample culture continues to transform how millions of artists and producers do their thing in DAWs.

You too can break conventional norms, challenge the status quo, and open Pandora’s box of sound design.

By all means, hold us to account. Click here to claim your 30 free credits and find your sound!