If you buy anything over at Plugin Boutique until November 15th you can get yourself a soundbank by Applied Acoustics Systems, a copy of PUNISH Lite by Heavyocity, LEVELS by Mastering the Mix, or Autoformer by United Plugins for FREE!

We recommend that you get yourself over to the Plugin Boutique website right now because this offer is too good to miss.

The online plugin retailer is offering one of four options for FREE to anyone who purchases anything on their site, reports ProducerFeed.

These options include PUNISH Lite, LEVELS, Autoformer or a free soundbank by Applied Acoustics Systems for the AAS player!

Levels by Mastering the Mix

Levels is a loudness meter with an ultra-responsive interface that only draws your attention when there are issues to look at, as well as a help button to assist you and fix those issues.

It’s a low CPU demanding plugin that includes metering presets for CD’s, Streaming, Clubs, and so much more – this plugin is a versatile tool for music production in the 21st century.

Free AAS Sound Bank

A free soundbank made by experts. Applied Acoustic Sounds have created 40 sound banks that are designed to be used within their simplest plugin, the AAS player. You can choose one full pack from the selection they’ve made and download it right away. Whichever bank you choose, it will come with the AAS Player plugin so you don’t need to worry about a thing and can start using your new sounds in your latest production right away!

PUNISH Lite by Heavyocity

Taken right out of Heavyocity’s award-winning range of virtual instruments, PUNISH Lite runs is the only distortion plugin you’ll need. From light saturation to heavy drive any input source you run through the oven of PUNISH Lite will be ready for eating in no time.

PUNISH Lite is ultra-easy to use. You can go from light warmth and crank up the level to pure destruction with just one knob with its single, central, knob.

Autoformer by United Plugins

Autoformer brings an emulated preamp, which is seemingly analog in nature, as well as an automatic volume and gentle compressor functions.

This may just be the perfect plugin for tidying up those almost perfect vocals, but don’t think it can’t be applied elsewhere. If there’s resonance, there’s away. Drummers and bass players – I’m looking at you.

How to get in on the action…

Make your way over to the Plugin Boutique website and make any purchase that you can. When you reach the checkout stage, the site will prompt you to select either Heavyocity PUNISH Lite, Mastering the Mix LEVELS, United Plugins Autoformer, or an AAS Sound Bank of your choice.

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