This week we’ve given all new sign-ups and subscribers access to our incredible, exclusive bundle of free sample packs.

For our first RouteNote Create sample collection, we’ve dialled down the bpms, added some dust and delved into the wonderful world of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop.

Free sample packs demo:

These free sample packs have been lovingly prepared by our highly experienced in-house production team and can only be found on RouteNote Create. Split into 3 separate packs, Lo-Fi Drums, Lo-Fi Chords & Melodies and Lo-Fi FX, this collection will provide you with everything you’ll need to craft your next Lo-Fi masterpiece.

OK… So you’ve accepted you need these samples in your life. Lets check out how you can download them for free!

How-to get free samples: Video guide

How-to get free samples: Step-by-step instructions

Step 1:

Sign up for a new account at RouteNote Create here.

Step 2:

Head to your inbox and verify your email address.


You’ve unlocked the first of the three packs in the bundle – Lo-Fi Drums.

Step 3:

Find 10 samples you like, then spend the 10 FREE credits we gave you on them. You’ll be able to find all of your purchased samples in the ‘My sounds‘ section in the drop down menu in the top right of the RouteNote Create site.


You’ve unlocked the second of the three packs in the bundle – Lo-Fi Chords & Melodies.

Step 4:

Head to our pricing page and pick a subscription tier that suits your needs.


You’ve unlocked the final pack of the bundleLo-Fi Chords & Melodies.

Step 5:

Remember – RouteNote Create subscriptions start from as little as $2.99, you get access to our FREE sample pack bundle, and you also get 10 FREE credits to spend on samples when you sign-up!