The HD 400 PRO headphone by Sennheiser have an open-back build with an extensive frequency reponse. Designed to bring you a accurate and actual and natural reproduciton of your input signal, the Sennheiser HD 400 Pro’s are a mighty fine pair of music production headphones.

Being the first open-back studio headphones in Sennheiser’s PRO Line, the HD 400 PRO reference headphones present a wide 6 Hz to 38kHz frequency response and bring an unaltered sound for precise mixdowns, reports

HD 400 PRO Studio Headphones by Sennheiser, Source: Music Matter

The official HD 400 PRO page on the Sennheiser state that the transducers inside the headphones are made from a special polymer blend work with powerful driver magnets to deliver a “clear and well-defined bass range”, as well as “nuanced harmonics”. The also transducers sit at a slight angle to emulate the typical equilateral triangle monitor position for the most accurate sound.

Sennheiser also states that the open-back design reproduces any input signal in a wide and spacious sound stage with a transparent reproduction of the sound.

The circumaural design, soft velour earpads and an ultra-light frame all make the HD 400 PRO sit on our heads and encompass our ears comfortably.

Ultimate sound, ultimate comfort.

In the box comes a 3-meter coiled cable, as well as a 1.8-meter straight cable.


  • Acoustic principle: dynamic, open
  • Ear coupling: circumaural
  • Frequency response: 6 – 38,000 Hz
  • THD: < 0.05% (at 1 kHz, 90 dB SPL)
  • Impedance: 120 Ω
  • Sound pressure level: 110 dB (1 kHz, 1 Vrms)
  • Connector: 3.5 mm (1/8”) jack with adapter to 6.3 mm (1/4”) jack
  • Weight: 240 g (without cable)

The Sennheiser HD 400 PRO headphones are now available at Thomann for £211.

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