It’s free plugin time, and this time we’re being treated to a feast of additional crunchy harmonics, courtesy of Kilohearts! They’ve just put out a brand new waveshaper offering called Shaper! Lets take a look at the tasty free distotion plugin treats they’ve put on the table!

What is Kilohearts Shaper?

Shaper is a brand new freeware waveshaper plugin by Kilohearts which can do anything form subtle saturation to complete destruction of your audio signal (and everything in between).

The plugin does this by taking each sample of your audio and remapping it to a new value based on a custom curve. Shaper remaps the waveforms amplitude with the incoming value on the x-axis and the remapped value on the y-axis. Leaving the ramp at 1:1 wont change the signal, but any other shape will create incredible warps and distortions of your sound.

Draw your shapes directly in the plugins interface, or use the pop-out editor for the ability to customise the shape in more detail.

Check out more info and example in the official Kilohearts videos:

Video Courtesy of Kilohearts
Video Courtesy of Kilohearts


Shaper integrates with Phase Plant, Snap Heap and Multipass, so is compatible with the modular escosystem the Kilohearts are know and loved for!

The plugin is compatible with both PC and Mac systems, including M1 Native support. Any DAW supporting VST 2, VST 3, AAX, or Audio Unit (AU) plugin standards. 64-bit only.


You can get Shaper for FREE directly from the Kilohearts website – here!

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