Here are the top 5 largest music streaming services in Indonesia:


Strong leader in Indonesia in terms of market share, Spotify boasts the highest user reach, with over 16% of mobile phones in the country using the app at least once in October 2023.


Tencent-backed Joox is a significant competitor, especially among active users. Despite having a lower user acquisition compared to Spotify, Joox users are generally more active, with 33% accessing the platform more than once a week.


Resso is another major player. Despite having lower average usage compared to Spotify and Joox, it has captured a significant market share. Resso emphasizes a social music experience, enabling users to share and comment on playlists.

Apple Music

Apple Music has established a niche in the Indonesian music streaming market. While it may not be as dominant as in some countries, it is highly respected and popular among Apple device users. Its popularity is largely due to its seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem. This feature offers a user-friendly experience across all Apple devices, making it an attractive option for those already using Apple products. Therefore, despite not being the leading service, Apple Music maintains a strong presence in the Indonesian market.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music, leveraging the popularity of YouTube, has carved a niche for itself in Indonesia. The free, ad-supported tier makes it an attractive option for many users.