Another epic free plugin! Rift Feedback Lite allows you to use preset scales, or control the effect with MIDI. Rift’s unique morphing filter is available as Rift Filter Lite, which was also free initially. It may be $49 now, but Rift Feedback Lite is now available for free.

Rift Feedback Lite is derived from the full Rift distortion plugin, the same as Rift Filter Lite. Rift Feedback Lite is here to help us explore the musical realm of feedback, reports MusicRadar.

Minimal Audio has stated that Rift Feedback Lite includes a physical modeling feedback engine that includes tuned resonators, comb filters, and various synced delays that allows us to tune the feedback to the key of our current track with the preset scales, and select whichever notes we want. We can adjust the time, spread, and rate of feedback. A pair of high pass and low pass filters also allow for additional tone shaping. WE also have a choice of stereo spread and ping pong modes for creative stereo effects.

Rift Feedback Lite offers a variety of 24 different filter types that sit in four categories: basic, morph, peaking, and harmonic. From the low pass, high pass, bandpass, and notch filters, as well as a massive range of morphing and peaking styles which include vowel filters, phasers, as well as other creative options.

You can choose from Hz, Tune, or MIDI on the filter cut off too, and Tune allows you to set the cutoff to a specific note! In MIDI mode, Rift Feedback Lite responds to MIDI notes and allows you to play the filter frequency on a keyboard, or even control it with a sequencer!

Rift Feedback Lite offers so much. For the sake of our eyes, we can also choose between dark and light UI modes too.

Transform your sounds with precision. Sculpt jaw-dropping movement with morph and stereo spread controls.

Minimal Audio

Rift Feedback Lite runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. It’s only free for a limited time. When the time is up, its price will rise to $29.

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