SSL has released their latest addition to their Fusion plugin emulation series.

The saturation of the SSL Fusion Transformer adds presence, tighter lows, and crisp highs to individual tracks, mixes, and masters, reports Gear News.

SSL Fusion Transformer, Source: Gear News

Transformer saturation only has to be subtle to be effective when used professionally. In order to achieve this, the SSL Fusion Transformer plugin provides the controls such as SHINE which attenuates high-frequency phase shift which lets you turn up the AMOUNT control to amplify harmonic distortion.

These two controls can work together to drive the effect beyond the original hardware circuit’s native capabilities.

Driving the circuit harder introduces a natural low-end roll-off which we can increase by just adjusting the input level. If you would rather not have this frequency roll-off, LF EXTEND switches out the low-frequency roll-off entirely. MIX, the final control, blends the effect. Multiple presets from producers and engineers such as Romesh Dodangoda, Sean Divine, and Wez Clarke are included.

The addition of Fusion Transformer means that the SSL Fusion plugin emulation series is near complete or completion. The series now consists of a fully working virtual Fusion processor for digital DAWs.

SSL Fusion Transformer is on sale for $149. The sale is on until the 22nd of February. The plugin is part of SSL’s subscription plan, where you’ll have access to their Fusion range for $15 per month. SSL Fusion Transformer works with macOS Mojave and above and Windows 8.1 and above in VST, AU, and AAX formats.

The combination of high-frequency phase-shift, additional harmonic distortion and natural low-frequency roll-off that only an analogue transformer can provide. SSL Fusion Transformer Plug-in captures the unique mojo of an analogue transformer in your DAW.


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