Ear candy – the polish – the details – Whatever you call it, FX is usually the difference between a borign track and something a lot more interesting. Whether it’s risers, white noise, glitch effects or some more organic foley type sounds, we’re sure you’ll find something to that tickles your itch for intersting sounds in a fx sample pack here.

Here’s our top 10 rundown of the best FX sample packs on RouteNote Create!

VHS Sound Library

Whether or not you’re old enough to remember the whirring electrical noises, clunks and scrapes of the VHS player, you can revisit all the nostalgia here. A super novel and interesting pack that provides a bunch of amazing electrical textures and more!


Are you looking for a unique, retro sound for your next project? Look no further! Our VHS tape sound library is exactly what you need. Filled with authentic, vintage sounds recorded directly from VHS tapes, this library is a treasure trove for any creative looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their work. Whether you’re making music, creating sound effects for a film, or just want to add some character to your podcasts, our VHS tape sound library has you covered. But don’t just take our word for it – give it a listen and hear the magic for yourself. With a wide range of sounds, from static and hiss to rewindin g and fast-forwarding, there’s something for every project. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring some retro vibes to your audio. Get your hands on our VHS tape sound library today!

Computer SFX

8 bit bleeps, beeps and blops! This fx sample pack is chock-full of old school computing vibes that are sure to be at home in a bunch of electronic genres!


“Computer SFX features high quality sound effects perfect for use in your music production or multimedia projects. Various glitches, hi-tech zaps & bleeps, babbling synths and electronic textures come together in this professionally created sample library from Future Samples. This cutting edge collection of sounds can be used for a variety of genres and musical styles as well as multimedia projects like films, video games, and apps. Grab your copy today and add some futuristic, sci-fi flare to your next production!


Soundiron coming in with a huge pack of office based noises that have been glitched and manipultaed to give you a huge variety of sounds to choose from!


Cube is a collection of 521 glitchy, crunchy, office-supplies-based percussive samples by sonic artist Spencer Nunamaker (Juno VHS). This library includes percussion hits and FX, stingers, risers, and lush ambient pads. Each sound has been designed using carefully selected sources like paper crunches, snapping pencils, fax machines, water coolers, paper cups, and all kinds of other workplace-related sounds. From the rattling of your last few anxiety pills to luscious dreamy pads (imagining an escape from your personal cubicle hell), Cube has got you covered for your next game score, hot track, or quirky animation. This library is 118 MB installed, with 521 24-bit / 48kHz stereo wav samples in 3 main groupings and 22 sub-categories.

Dance FX Tools

If you’re looking for more traditional FX layers for you electronic tracks, then look no further than fx sample pack one from Catalyst Samples. It contains something for most genres of electornic music subgenres, so take a look and see what you find!


“Dance FX Tools’ by Catalyst Samples is a pack loaded with FX shots and loops for EDM, Deep House, Techno, Grime, Tech House, Progressive, Dubstep, Electro and Glitch alike. All the FX have been meticulously processed, so they are ready to be dragged and dropped into your DAW allowing you to concentrate on the other parts of the mix.

Ultimate Dub Siren

Over 100 siren sounds drenched in space echo and delays – get your fix of the dub siren vibes here today!


“I can hear the sirens coming! In this sample pack you will find over 100 siren samples from dancehall dubs to industrial.


The best glitched out impacts you’ll find… Made from audio recordings of the destruction of consumer electronics, these have been mangled and transofrmed into these glitchy, robotic sounds!


“Impact is a 100 sound collection of light and heavy abstract hits sourced from lo-fi recordings of the destruction of laptops, mobile phones and a handheld games console. The sounds have been manipulated with extreme editing and digital processing – leaving little to no trace of the original recordings behind – to bring a series of production elements ready to drop into your latest trailer, environment or Industrial/EDM music production. Featuring huge sonic eruptions, metal on metal collisions, robotic movement, found sound snare drums, tech debris and more, this versatile array of sound effects may be just what you need to give your latest production that extra bit of Impact.”

Anime SFX

If you get a load of your inspiration from Anime, then this one’s for you! It’s got a bunch of sounds from weapons to dialogue, definitley worth exploring this fx sample pack!


“Anime SFX from Beats Cooking contains 190 original anime one-shot samples including auras, transitions, mecha, blasters, spells, explosives & dialogue. Whether you’re producing music, films or games this pack has got you covered.”


If defective mayhem sounds like it might be up your street, then boy haven’t we found the pack for you! Made from broken modules, analogue synths and distortion units, this is the most defective pack we’ve come accross!


“In „DEFECT“ you’ll find a lot of analog noises, electro-magnetic field recordings, and digital glitches. The sound of malfunction and error. Carefully selected and edited for instant use. The sources that were used to make this sound effect library include: A broken Eurorack Filter Module, Guitar Distortion Pedals, Analog Synths and Eurorack Modules, An Electro Magnetic Field Recorder, A Telephone Pickup, A Guitar Pickup , Various other effects. These sounds are made for total sonic mayhem, idea for glitchy video editing and for broken transmission simulation. Video editors, Game Designers and of course Sounddesigners and experimental Musicians will find a lot of useful sounds in „DEFECT“

Gamemaster Audio – Miscellaneous Collection

A free-for-all treasure-trove of sonic delights! This sample pack is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!


Gamemaster Audio is run by game industry veterans with over decades of professional audio experience. We produce the highest quality and most affordable sound libraries you will find. Designed specifically for games, film and other media by award winning sound designers.

Violent Produce – Sounds From Hurting Fruits And Veggies

This one amused us when we first heard it! Recordings of fresh produce destruction, which will give your tracks the crunchy, squishy and squelchy layers they deserve!


This sample pack is full of organic ripping, tearing, squishing and snapping sounds from fruits and vegetables! Recorded with ultra sensitive Lom microphones to get all the gory details. This pack is incredible for sound design, percussive layering, and general sound effects for movies and games.

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