Hip-Hop is unquestionably the musical art form that helped to cement ‘sampling’ as a household term. Originally Hip Hop DJs and producers would plunder old obscure vinyl records for sample gold, but thankfully we now have specifically prepared Royalty-Free hip hop sample packs to feed our machines and DAWs.

Unlike other offshoots of Hip-Hop i.e Trap, Drill, Grime, the traditional ‘boom bap’ style of Hip Hop is all about samples that sound as if they have been pulled straight from the dustiest of record crates. Musical styles such as Funk, soul, jazz, S/T’s and even progressive rock are all fair game when it comes to finding those perfect Hip-Hop sample ingredients.

We’re very lucky to have a full crate’s worth of super dope authentic sounding Hip-Hop Samples here on RouteNote Create. Here are 10 great packs to get you going…

Boonie Tunes: Just-A-Taste Collection

This pack has got you covered for fantastic melodic song starters. Loaded with 105 samples ranging from dark brooding loops to the grooviest of Neo-soul melodies, this one is sure to spark some inspiration.


Boonie Mayfield presents ‘Boonie Tunes: Just-A-Taste Collection’ with selected loops and one-shots from his acclaimed sample pack bundles; ‘BoonBap Drum Loops’, ‘Boonie Tunes’ and ‘Lo-Fi Sound Collection’. Inspired by classic hip-hop and neo-soul legends; this collection is jam-packed with 100+ unquantized Boom Bap and Neo Soul grooves that Boonie Mayfield is known for. Play your own soulful chords and melodies over Boonie’s dirty vinyl-crackling drum loops. Or chop and flip the compositions that were played and arranged by the multi-instrumentalist himself. It’s safe to say that the Boonie Tunes brand continues to make an impact with its unique and versatile sound.”


This amazing pack by Purple Peach focuses on a more futuristic Hip Hop sound. Brimming with killer synth melodies, FX and one-shots, these samples will make your beats sound as though they originated straight from the mean streets of Detroit. Oh, and did I mention it includes some of the illest Basslines RouteNote Create has to offer?


Purple Peach Presents “Salmon” a collection ear-candy sounds that encapsulates the future of Hip Hop. You can find offbeat/groovy drum loops, lush/jazzy chords in textured/ beautiful synths, crispy melodies, foley percussion as hi hats, knocking kicks, huge 808’s and more.

Dr Rubberfunk: Drums Of Joy Volume 1

Drums are without a doubt the backbone and most crucial element to any Boom Bap Banger!. We are lucky to have a huge selection of incredible drum packs on RouteNote Create but this humdinger courtesy of Dr Rubberfunk has got to be one of the heaviest and rawest on the platform.


Following the release of his debut Dr Rubberfunk single ‘Harry The Guitar’ in early 2001, Simon Ward spent a few days with his long time friend & musical cohort ‘Slim’ Jim Oliver and an 8 Track reel to reel tape machine, recording drums to use as samples. Some of the results made it into Dr Rubberfunk songs over the next few years, and some of the ideas went on to develop into the mythical ‘Super Guder Breaks’ series by Mr Guder, but several reels of drums stayed on the shelf – until now! These loops and breaks were all tracked to tape through an outboard compressor and a guitar multi-fx unit, with Jim live tweaking the effects, compression and mic levels, and Simon reacting to what he was hearing in his headphones whilst playing – changing the tempo to match delays, varying dynamics & styles to match the changing sound of the drums as they hit the tape hard. Dig in for the sounds of a 1950s Ajax drum kit overdriving the tape, plus catching the occasional delay, with some phasing and flanging flying in and out for good measure. Re-edited from the only stereo mix down done at the time, Dr Rubberfunk has curated this unique selection of original 1, 2, 4 & 8 bar breaks, patterns, phrases and fills – ideal for DJs, producers and songwriters alike. Use them as they are, or chop, slice and re-program to suit your needs – you won’t find another collection that sounds like them, that’s for sure!


This pack may only feature 15 compositions but where it is lacking in quantity it is by far made up for in terms of quality. These longer-form multi-instrument compositions sound as if they have been lifted straight from the grooves of an early 70s Italian soundtrack. Perfect for chopping up over some phat 94bpm drums.


In this new series, The Attic pays homage to the most sampled genre in Hip-Hop history, Soul music. You’ll get 15 compositions full of smooth guitars, deep bass, high strings and hidden Hammonds. This first volume focuses on the sad and laidback side of the genre, with a touch of jazz and library music.

Fremdklanken 9 – Smutty Sounds By Kool DJ Mace

Dutch DJ/Producer Kool DJ Mace Has so far blessed us with 10 volumes of smutty sounds in the form of his Fremdklanken collections. These packs feature a full sonic arsenal of inspiration to include, FX, textures, and melodies, not to mention, some of the grimiest drum-breaks you’re gonna hear!


Juice up your productions with Fremdklanken 9! Kool DJ Mace (one of the initiators of Dutch label Fremdtunes) recorded over a hundred sounds coming from synthesizers, instruments, samplers & his direct biosphere and ran them through a stack of machines. Expect to hear a whole string of analog & digital drumsamples, percussion hits, synthesizerleads, piano stabs and more. It’s all very smutty, dirty, dusty and fresh. Some of the used instruments and tools are: Akai s2800, Ludwig drums, Rösler piano, Roland 106, UAD 710 pre-amp, Akai 4000 ds taperecorder, Moog Minifoogers, Ashdown pre-amp, dbx compressor, Aston Origin, Shure sm57/sm58/beta52a, Grundig GDM121 et cetera. Get these sounds now and use them till infinity!

Ancient Organs

For my money when it comes to underground Hip-Hop you can’t beat a good organ, and they don’t come much better than these. Highly regarded US session musician and producer Da Fingaz has cooked up 10 fire compositions each guaranteed to take your Hip Hop beats straight to church.


When you hear the sound of a church organ, how does that make you feel? For some, happy. Others, sad. Others, remember going to church or Mass. With Ancient Organs, you can craft new musical masterpieces to bring new feelings to your audience. Flip, chop, manipulate, and sample these 10 organ loops into your next hit tracks! Composed and created by Da Fingaz.

Naptown Drum Breaks

Back to the breaks with this Stella drum pack from the top billin’ Round Table Recording Company. At over 1500 drum loops deep, these breaks have been lovingly created in the legendary Round Table studio whose recording credits include Jack Harlow, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Snoop dogg, Wiz Khalifa to name just a few.


Breaks, Breaks and More Breaks! This pack is massive and is loaded with full drum loops, percussion, and fills. The drums were recorded live in our facility with vintage microphones and pre amps. The grooves in this pack are swung with a classic Boom Bap and Hip-Hop feel. Perfect for multiple genres. Loops include all 5 different microphone mixes. Full, AEA, OH, K&S, and Vintage. Tempo 70-105 Included: Dry & Wet – Loops – Percussion – Fills

Drumless Library Grooves

In recent years the trend towards sampling music from old 60’s/70’s Music Library records has been huge in Hip-Hop. Some of these old recordings on labels such as KPM and Music De’wolfe almost sound as though they were specifically made with Hip-Hop in mind. Well, if it’s this sound you’re after then this pack from the incredible Beats Cooking delivers in spades.


This is a library of dusty gems and deep funk obscurities reminiscent of old music library records of the 60s and 70s. Each sample was crafted with live musicians on guitar, Rhodes, vintage synths, drums, bass & perc. Made for producers that need that vintage sound in their productions.

Cold Keys Vol.7

If it’s a more jazzy, soulful vibe you’re going for then Philly Joe’s your man! His Cold Key packs are brimming with some of the most usable melodies you could wish for. And for maximum versatility, Philly Joe laces you up with the bassline, 2 x Rhodes as well as an organ option for each melody.


Cold Keys is a series of packs jammed with some of the smoothest keyboard chord progressions and bass lines. Get inspired for your next beat and make it a cold one!

Jazzfunk Flutes Vol 1

And finally a bit of a curve ball. One of my personal favourite instruments is the flute and its prevalence in Boom Bap Hip Hop cannot be understated. Just drop any of these jazz funk inspired flute samples over some head noddin’ drums and you will be on to a winner!


An instrument that sounds just perfect in most genres of music, none more so than funk, jazz, soul and Hip Hop / downbeat music. If you are looking for some cool hooks and phrases for you new production then the content here is essential. This pack contains a multitude of C Flute and Alto Flute 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 bar loops at a slower tempo, but can be used quite well in faster genres like jazz and even drum and bass! Enjoy.

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