Starting your music production journey can at first seem quite daunting, as there’s so much information being thrown at you for the outset… but where should you start?

YouTube is an incredible way to learn music production online for free, at your own pace, and allows you to choose the information relevant to you and your genre/style.

We’ve chosen a list of 10 Music Production YouTube channels that we think offer high-quality content that will be suitable for beginners and more advanced music producers alike – whether you’re looking for tutorials, gear reviews or industry interviews, we’re sure that you’ll find these resources invaluable!

Andrew Huang

This first one may not need an introduction to many of you as he seems to have one of the most popular and heavily subscribed channels on this list – but to the uninitiated, Andrew Huang covers a myriad of topics from composing music using found sound to breaking down popular music trends. Andrews infectious enthusiasm of the topic of music production is sure to inspire you!

Mr. Bill

Known for his glitchy soundscapes, the Australian producer Mr. Bill’s creative insights and innovative techniques are centered around using Ableton Live to it’s full potential. For tutorials and techniques, we’d recommend going back to his earlier videos as this used to be the main focus of the channel. Nowadays you’ll find the focus has changed to include episodes of ‘The Mr. Bill Podcast’ which is an interview format with various interesting movers and shakers in the music production space – super interesting stuff!

EDM Tips

Sound design, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and music theory – this channel has it all – Join Will Darling and his infectious passion for production as he dissects and provides the building blocks of making EDM styles in easily digestible chunks – suitable for music producers of all levels!


Chances are, if you’ve been into music production for any lengthy amount of time, you’ll have come across gear reviews or content from music production expos on the sonicstate channel. An absolute stalwart of the gear space, covering everything from software to hardware – this channel might have the scoop on that next bit of gear you’ve been thinking about picking up.

Jon Makes Beats

If you’re a hip hop producer or beatmaker – then this one’s for you! Join Jon with his relatable approch to music making as he sharesd his wealth of knowedge through a combination of tutorials, beat breakdowns and studio vlogs. He covers topics such as sound design, sampling, arrangement and mixing. A very practical place to get your info!

Sonic Academy

The in-depth tutorials led by the incredible team on seasoned instructors provide a go-to resource for producers of all skill levels. The also include guest spots so that you can learn techniques directly from top artists in a given genre – definitly cool if there’s a speecific technique you want to learn. Go check it out!

Venus Theory

Cameron, known on the interwebz as ‘Venus Theory’ has forged a legion of followers that joined him in his future garage production tutorial days, all the way up to the more throught provoking content he puts out now. Go and sift through his channel because you’ll find loads of cool tips, tricks and advice that you might have never heard before!

Red Means Recording

Jeremy Blake delivers content that contains unique blend of technical expertise, creativity and humor whilst showing his passion for all music production topics. His innovative approaches to music production make this channel a must-watch for people interesting in all facets of sound design and electronic music.

Benn Jordan

For some, Benn will need no introduction – but let it be known, this channel offers a fascinating glimpse into his creative mind. Offering a rich tapestry of content from music production tutorials, gear reviews, performance videos, and behind-the-scenes vlogs, Benn provides viewers with a multifaceted look at his musical journey and artistic process.


Lofi hip hop heads – L.Dre is your guy! Videos on how to make lofi beats, how to flip samples, to how he makes more broad music industry decisions – he has your back!

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