Welcome to ‘The Best Chiptune Sample Packs’! Dive into the world of nostalgic 8-bit melodies and retro game-inspired sounds with our curated selection of top-notch chiptune sample packs.

Computer SFX

Computer SFX offers high-quality sound effects, including glitches, hi-tech zaps, bleeps, synths, and electronic textures, perfect for enhancing your chiptune productions.

Computer SFX features high quality sound effects perfect for use in your music production or multimedia projects. Various glitches, hi-tech zaps & bleeps, babbling synths and electronic textures come together in this professionally created sample library from Future Samples. This cutting edge collection of sounds can be used for a variety of genres and musical styles as well as multimedia projects like films, video games, and apps. Grab your copy today and add some futuristic, sci-fi flare to your next production!

Chip Tune Music

This Chip Tune music pack is specifically tailored for chip tune music production, providing everything you need to effortlessly craft nostalgic and authentic chip tune tracks.

Want to create a chip tune track? Try out chip Tune music pack. Drag and drop a total of 92 samples which include melodies (67) and pads (25). BPM: 120 Samples: 92

Retro 8 Bit Sounds

8-bit game sound effects, perfect for music producers and anyone in need of nostalgic retro sounds. With all sounds ready to use, this pack provides instant access to authentic 8-bit audio elements, ideal for adding retro charm and atmosphere to your chiptune projects effortlessly.

Retro 8 Bit Sounds is a perfect collection of retro 8bit game sound effects. Suitable for music producers, game developers, video editors or anyone who needs some classic 8-bit sound effects. All sounds come ready to use.

Game Loops

Does what it says on the tin. Game loops for game sopunding chiptune tracks. Get on this one!

Smokey Loops presents the first collection of “Game Loops”, with fresh tones in different musical keys. All sounds have been expertly mixed and are ready to be loaded in your favorite DAW. Organized into Music Loops, MIDI, Oneshots, Kick, Snare, Hithats, Crash and more. All loops are optimized for the friendly tempo of 110 BPM and are key labelled. Each MIDI Files are to give greater strength and flexibility in your product.

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