The kick drum is the backbone of your production, and will likely be used more than any other element in your track, so quality kick samples can make all the difference. Nomatter what genre you’re producing for, the right kick sample is essential. Lets take a look at a bunch of options shall we?!

Just For Kicks

These samples are perfect for adding vintage and authentic vibes to your hip-hop instrumentals, beats, and more.

This pack includes 105 grimy underground hip hop drum one shots featuring warm punchy kicks that are textured, bold, gritty, bright, and have a vinyl sounding character. Just For Kicks is perfect for helping you create vintage & authentic sounding hip hop music, instrumentals, beats and more. 105 drum kick one shots

Analog Kick Drums

The perfect kicks to cover a wide range of styles including Techno, Tech House, Minimal, and Dubstep, that pack a punch and stand out with their powerful low-end presence.

¨Analog Kick Drums¨ is a killer collection which have been expertly crafted from hardware drum machines and covers a wide range of styles such as: Techno, Tech House, Minimal or Dubstep. Over 190 samples of massive kicks ready to drop on your project.

Analog Kickdrums Vol. 2

A continuation on the last pack to give your productions powerful and punchy kicks, ideal for driving rhythms.

Abstract State presents ¨Analog Kick Drums vol.2¨, a massive Kick Drums collection. 90 Kick Drum Loops and 90 One Shots as long as 10 Top Loops recorded with Analog gear, equalized and processed to have maximum impact on a big sound system. All Loops are 125bpm and key labelled.

Tempest Kicks

You need “Tempest Kicks” because it offers 32 handcrafted FAT analog kicks meticulously designed inside the DSI Tempest drum machine. Using dynamic processing, these kicks deliver awesome punch and presence, deliving kicks that belong in your mix.

– 32 FAT analog kicks handcrafted inside the DSI Tempest to shake any system – Format: 24bit/96KHz Mono WAV – Special “In Your Face YA secret recipe” dynamic processing

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