It’s difficult to predict what the future of sound design and music production, so let’s catapult ourselves into the future with today’s post as we try to imagine what the sounds of the future will be. We’ve selected 5 incredible packs that will inspire your next futuristic productions.


If you can imagine a cute and shimmery future, then this pack is going to bring that very vibe to you in a mammoth pack of glittering delights.

Shimmer is a collection of 463 shimmering, glittering, sparkly percussive samples – along with FX, stingers, risers, and lush ambient pads. Each sound has been designed using carefully selected sources like bubble-gum pops, vintage toy synths, chimes, bells, whistles, shakers, and much more. From cute silly drums, adorable interface effects, to luscious risers and pads, Shimmer has got you covered for your next game or animation soundtrack. Shimmer is also ideal for any style of modern hybrid production, from minimalist, Trap, EDM, IDM, dubstep, chillwave and glitch, to post rock, soundtrack, hip hop, downtempo, dub and ambient music. It’s also fantastic for sci-fi sound design and creating user interface SFX for games and apps.


Is your vision of the future a little more dystopian – then get that sound with this pack that caters to the cyberpunk aesthetic.

Time to ravage your tracks with an exemplary Cyberpunk sound pack that takes no prisoners. Combining the best Synthwave and Cyberpunk sequences with retro gear, dirty drums, and synth-soaked rhythms has created a boundary-breaking pack. ‘Cyberpunk’ offers complete control over its dynamic sound collection with an all-powerful Bassline Loops, Drum Fills, Leads and more!


Robots, mechs – if you think this is what the future holds – then the hums, noises and glitches in this one will sort you right out. *Does robot dance*

In „DEFECT“ you’ll find a lot of analog noises, electro-magnetic field recordings, and digital glitches. The sound of malfunction and error. Carefully selected and edited for instant use. The sources that were used to make this sound effect library include: A broken Eurorack Filter Module, Guitar Distortion Pedals, Analog Synths and Eurorack Modules, An Electro Magnetic Field Recorder, A Telephone Pickup, A Guitar Pickup , Various other effects. These sounds are made for total sonic mayhem, idea for glitchy video editing and for broken transmission simulation. Video editors, Game Designers and of course Sounddesigners and experimental Musicians will find a lot of useful sounds in „DEFECT“

Sci-Fi Sounds & Sci-Fi Weapons

Maybe you see a more war torn future, where the remaining factions of humanity are fighting the insideous invaders of earth – get the sounds of sci-fi and weaponary right here!

This package contains professional high quality sci-fi sound effects. Covering ambiences, general sounds and weapons. Suitable for music producers, game developers, video editors or anyone who needs some sci-fi sounds in their projects.


Is the future you imagine more abstract?! This glitchy beast will help you to paint that future with sound!

Crystal is a collection of unique, shatteringly crystalline, glitchy percussive strikes, stingers, and effects that will cut right through your mix. Crystal’s unique sound comes from glass field recordings, twisted and mangled into an easy “out-of-the-box” solution for glitch percussion. This carefully curated and optimized edition includes a huge selection of brand new sound sources that are only available here in Crystal. It’s perfect for minimalist, EDM, IDM, dubstep, chillwave, glitch, post rock, soundtrack, downtempo, dub, ambient music and more. It’s also fantastic for sci-fi sound design and creating user interface SFX for games and apps. The result is a sample library that brings together superior audio and Soundiron’s unrivaled sonic quality, stunningly dynamic, flexible and inspiring sound design for any style or genre. Built from Soundiron’s signature Juno VHS collection, this 638 MB library contains 532 samples in 7 main categories and 16 sub-categories.

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