Lets dive into the top 5 hard dance sample packs that will infuse your tracks with explosive energy, hard-hitting basslines, and electrifying melodies. From the raw power of hardstyle to the mesmerizing sounds of psytrance, these sample packs offer a diverse range of high-quality elements to ignite your creativity and drive your productions forward.

Hardstyle EDM

Dive into the explosive world of “Hardstyle EDM” by Smokey Loops, where the energy of EDM meets the raw power of Hardstyle.

Smokey Loops presents “Hardstyle EDM”, an explosive combination of EDM and Hardstyle. This package contains 5 Full Construction kits, each containing a single song demo and all its audio components. You will find inside Drum Loops, Bass Loops, Melody Loops, MIDI, Fx, Oneshots and BONUS LOOPS. These melodies are supplied in MIDI format, they will provide you with as much flexibility possible. Just drop the loops into your DAW, ready to mix, mash, edit and process as you like. Hardstyle contains tempo and key labels for easy reference. Enjoy!

Hardstyle Euphoria

Commissioned from a top producer, every element is designed to elevate your sound and capture the high-octane spirit of hardstyle

We are excited to present Hardstyle Euphoria. Everything you need to create that hardstyle 150bpm stomper has arrived! With the huge surge of popularity for the genre of hardstyle, we thought it was only right to commission a top producer to make a pack of bangers. Featuring 5 Full Kits of Hardstyle madness and containing everything you would expect a banger: phat kicks, massive percussion, gut wrenching bass, catchy melodies and more red bull than you can shake a stick at. A fully top quality produced Hardstyle pack aimed to take you sound to the next level!

Spectre – Leaders Of Hardstyle

This pack is loaded with premium Hardstyle sounds created using legendary hardware like the Access Virus TI, Arturia Minibrute, and Roland TR-909.

Spectre – Leaders of Hardstyle is the most complete hardstyle pack you ever got your hands on! Get ready and bring the Hardstyle sound straight to your DAW. The recordings in this pack have been made with various soft and hardware such as the Access Virus TI, Arturia Minibrute and Roland TR-909 To name a few. The sounds and tonal kicks in this pack have been run through various distortion effects, compressors and stompboxes and hand-processed to get that raw driving midrange.

Psystyle – Psytrance Vs Rawstyle

This unique pack blends the hypnotic elements of psytrance with the aggressive edge of rawstyle. Inside, you’ll find everything from hard-hitting rawstyle kicks and bold psy kicks to screeching synths, energizing vocal loops, and otherworldly atmospheres.

Production Master proudly presents ‘Psystyle – Psytrance Vs. Rawstyle’, a divine mixture of psychedelic psytrance and aggressive rawstyle sounds, creating a one of a kind, rave gem! Inside you will find the most intrusive rawstyle kicks, bold psy kicks, destructive screeches, vigorous vocal loops, crystal clear drum fills, energizing synth loops, otherworldly atmospheres, raw glitches and fx elements, and so much more!

Newbreed Hardstyle

Crafted with top-tier software and hardware, the sounds and kicks in this pack are processed through multiple layers of distortion, compression, and stompboxes.

If you like to party on massive hardstyle and hardcore mega-raves this pack will bring out the beast in you! We have taken to the studio and created the most complete hardstyle / rawstyle pack you will ever got your hands on! The recordings in this pack have been made with various soft and hardware modules and the sounds and kicks in this pack have been run through various distortion effects, compressors and stompboxes. This pack holds everything that makes a killer hardstyle or rawstyle track. Note* This RouteNote Create edition does not contain the presets/midi.

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