Welcome to ‘The Best Jazz Sample Packs’! Step into the vibrant world of jazz music with our carefully curated selection of top-notch sample packs. Join us as we delve into a collection of premium samples that capture the essence and spirit of jazz, guaranteed to inspire your next musical masterpiece.

Stereophonic – Vintage Hip Hop & Organic Jazz

Stereophonic – Hip Hop Soul & Organic Jazz Sessions offers a unique blend of soulful melodies and classic hip-hop beats, perfect for adding warmth and vintage flair to your music productions.

‘Stereophonic – Hip Hop Soul & Organic Jazz Sessions’ is a brand new library from Production Master, ideal for those who adore soulful melodies mixed with classic hip-hop beats. Mimicking the warmth and feel of your vintage vinyl collection, merging lines between boom-bap and old school rap, this collection is an ode to bold.

Jazzfunk Flutes Vol 1

This pack is erfect for a wide range of music genres, particularly funk, jazz, soul, hip-hop, and downtempo. With an array of catchy hooks and phrases, these loops provide essential flute elements to elevate your productions.

An instrument that sound just perfect in most genres of music, none more so than funk, jazz, soul and Hip Hop / downbeat music. If you are looking for some cool hooks and phrases for you new production then the content here is essential. This pack contains a multitude of C Flute and Alto Flute 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 bar loops at a slower tempo, but can be used quite well in faster genres like jazz and even drum and bass! Enjoy.

Lofi Jazz Samples Vol1

A curated selection of dusty and gritty guitar, rhodes, and piano loops, ideal for creating captivating lofi beats and more.

Lofi Jazz Samples Vol.1 is a collection of dusty, gritty guitar, rhodes and piano loops. Perfect for any Lofi beat or beyond.

Jazz Cafe

40 original jazzy loops featuring pianos, perfect for instant inspiration in your music production. A versatile collection for genres like jazz, neo soul, R&B, hip hop, lo-fi hip hop, and more.

Featuring 40 original loops ready to drag & drop into your DAW for instant inspiration. These jazzy sample loops feature a variety of pianos playing compositions inspired by modern jazz music. Uplifting major keys and melancholy minor melodies. This pack includes a variety of different themes that would be perfect for jazz, neo soul, r&b, hip hop, lo-fi hip hop and more. Ready to use as-is, or chop them up and rearrange them into something new! All files are key labeled and range from 70-85 BPM.

Cold Keys Vol.1

Smooth keyboard chord progressions and bass lines, perfect for inspiring your next beat. Whether you’re producing hip-hop, R&B, soul, or lo-fi tracks, these chilled-out sounds will add a layer of sophistication and depth to your music.

Cold Keys is a series of packs jammed with some of the smoothest keyboard chord progressions and bass lines. Get inspired for your next beat and make it a cold one!

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