Elevate your pop productions with the ultimate sonic toolkit! Uncover the magic of music-making with ‘The 5 Best Pop Sample Packs’ – a curated selection guaranteed to ignite your creativity and take your tracks to the next level. From infectious melodies to punchy beats, these packs are a goldmine for producers seeking that chart-topping sound. Explore the top picks that promise to infuse your pop creations with unparalleled energy and style.

Epic Pop Guitars

This is an essential toolkit for music producers seeking to elevate their creations with dynamic and authentic guitar elements. Featuring live-recorded guitar loops, this pack offers versatility to craft a wide range of genres, from summer house and mainstream pop to pop trap. With contributions from various producers, it ensures a diverse and high-quality library that sparks creativity and adds a compelling edge to your music production.

‘Epic Pop Guitars’ is a brand new sample pack that revolves around live-recorded guitar loops and elements to create guitar-infused pop and dance music. Create anything from summer house and mainstream pop to pop trap or let your creativity run free with this amazing library created by various producers.

Pop Generation With Vocals Vol 1

This is must-have sample pack for music enthusiasts eager to infuse innovation into their productions. Packed with diverse elements like FX, music loops, bass loops, acapellas (both wet and dry), instrumental loops, and drum loops, this comprehensive collection provides the essential building blocks to craft unique and standout tracks, allowing you to push the boundaries of conventional pop music and achieve a distinctive sound.

We present our new ‘Pop Generation’ this pack is perfect for those who want to innovate in music, and make their musical productions sound totally different. Content: 02 Fx 06 Music Loops 08 Bass Loops 12 Acapellas Wet/Dry 31 Instrumental Loops 40 Drum Loops

A Breath Of Xtina

This collaboration between Round Table Recording Company and Xtina Louise delivers an indispensable vocal pack for music producers. Featuring the smooth and versatile vocals of Xtina, known for her collaborations with top DJs worldwide, the pack includes a rich variety of long and short phrases, spoken words, one shots, alibs, and more. Whether you’re creating Electronic Dance tracks or Pop songs, this pack provides the perfect vocal foundation to build entire compositions, ensuring your music stands out with a captivating and dance-floor-ready vibe.

Round Table Recording Company and Pop/EDM Artist, Xtina Louise have teamed up to bring you this incredibly comprehensive vocal pack. Xtina is a rising artist from the midwest and has worked and collaborated with some of the top DJs from around the world. Her smooth airy vocal and tone makes her extremely versatile jumping between Electronic Dance and Pop music. This pack is loaded with Long Phrases, Short Phrases, Spoken, One Shots, Alibs and more. Perfect to build an entire composition around and get the dance floor vibing or as a vocal feature for your next pop song.

Airwave – Radio Pop

“Airwave ‘Radio Pop'” is a game-changer for producers aiming for a distinctive radio pop sound. Packed with essential elements for crafting chart-topping hits, this release is a go-to resource for those seeking to create impactful radio-friendly tracks or score commercials. With its comprehensive content, it ensures a seamless and enjoyable production experience, making it an indispensable tool for producers looking to achieve that coveted mainstream pop sound.

Going for that typical radio pop sound? With Production Master’s latest release, Airwave ‘Radio Pop’, you’ll make chart topping hits in no time! Whether you’re making a radio pop knockout or you’re composing to score your next big commercial, this pack delivers everything you’ll need. This pack will bring a smile to any producer’s face!

Heatwave Pop

This is an essential toolkit for electronic-pop producers, offering a massive library infused with future pop vibes, electronic music, and trap influences. With uplifting guitars, mesmerizing melodies, and inspiring loops, this pack provides everything you need – from dynamic songstarters for sparking ideas to tonal loops for building intricate compositions, and drum loops to add the finishing touch. It’s a go-to resource for creating captivating and contemporary electronic-pop tracks.

“Heatwave Pop” is a massive future pop library, with influences from electronic music and trap. Featuring uplifting guitars, mesmerizing melodies, and inspiring loops. Whether it be the songstarters to spark ideas, tonal loops to build around, or a drum loop to finish your piece, this pack is a go-to for electronic-pop producers.

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