Do you want to scare your listeners?! If you decide a gorge yourself on todays smorgasboard of scary sample pack delicacies, we’re sure you’ll find something horricic to put into your productions… continue at your own peril!

Sounds Of The Occult

Daemon chanting, the sound of rituals and spine-tingling musical passages – Beats Cooking feature all this on the menu today!

This pack contains a menagerie of blood chilling musical passages, atmospheres, ritual music & sound FX.

The Frendo

A custom instrument, purpose build for this very project, and sampled specifically for your sound library. This one is a behemoth of a scary sample pack, filled with sounds from, what Soundiron call, Satans Cello… We’ll let you decide on whether this is for you… if you dare!

Frendo is a custom-built Soundiron instrument. We created this monster by stringing bailing wire around and through steel plates and bolts, over galvanized steel piping and across wood planks. It was meant to suffer. You can help by mistreating it with screwdrivers, bows, drumsticks, mallets and fingers. The instrument holds a vast amount of otherworldly sounds, which is ideal for composers looking for new disturbing, horror-like textures for their scores. Frendo is partially a mallet instrument, recorded with wooden and rubber mallets, but is also a more traditional string instrument, since we recorded finger plucks and bows. It’s the sound of Satan’s cello, weeping softly for your burning soul. Made of knotty pine, rusted steel bailing wire, eye bolts, hooks, deck screws, hurricane brackets and an old 24″ bass drum, this 5-stringed horrific creation was 8 feet long and 3 feet wide. The body had a 2″6 spine and two separate body segments to allow torqueing and bending while the instrument was played. It was strung with black iron bailing wire, wound over galvanized steel angle brackets and plates and through heavy gauge eye bolts that we used as tuners, by way of a pipe wrench. We played it with a violin bow, screwdrivers, rubber and wooden mallets, picks, and hands. This library is a unique tuned percussion and string instrument in it’s own right, but also makes excellent effect and sound design material for stingers, trailers, reveals, slates, post production and any number of other specialized production uses. Trust that the Frendo will serve you well. Even in death. All of the sample content is included as standard wav files to allow you easy access to manipulate, reprogram and customize the sounds however you wish. This library was recorded in a number of different indoor and outdoor environments, out in the elements and often in uncontrolled conditions. You may hear ambient noises, such as wind, wildlife, creaks, thuds, cracks and room tone in the background in some samples, depending on the recording location and subject matter being recorded. Our goal is to preserve and accentuate the natural human qualities in our instruments without overly sterilizing the recordings.

Evil Nightmares

This pack from Production Master is more geared toward the cinematic side of scary songwriting – braams, drones and drum loops galore – get your scary cinmatic vibes all in one place with this one!

Distressing sounds and intimidating loops, Evil Nightmares is the most unsettling cinematic soundbank to be found. Deeply disturbing braams, horrifying drones, cinematic drum loops and creaking strings, the horror is real. Add chilling vibes to your productions or create the creepiest soundscapes for trailers, games, radio or television with this frightening cinematic soundbank

Troll Monster Vocalizations

If you don’t own a troll – Gamemaster Audio recorded theirs for you to use in your productions! Groans, grunts, deaths, shouts, attacks, growls, laughing and more.

Troll Monster Vocalizations contains a variety of professionally created vocals sounds. Covering lots of different vocalizations from groans, grunts, deaths, shouts, attacks, growls, laughing and more.

Haunted SFX

A more FX based pack here full of horror themed sounds to give your productions that eerie touch. Atmos, monsters, scary speech…. dive into this haunted sample pack!

This pack of horror themed FX samples will bring an eerie touch to your productions. Included in this high quality collection of sounds are scary voices & evil laughs, unearthly creature noises, ghostly textures, ethereal atmospheres and more! This cutting edge collection of samples can be used for a variety of genres and musical styles as well as multimedia projects like TV, film, or video games.

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