Welcome to our timeless realm of vintage and analog sounds, found within our premium selection of sample packs onm RouteNote Create. From classic drum machines breaks to lush synth lines, these packs capture the warmth and character of analog gear. Lets turn up the dial!

Analog Synths Vol. 1

Served on a plate of HQ discover a vast collection of synthesizer loops, ambiences and sound effects run through top nothc analogue processing.

Immerse yourself in the world of analogue machinery and discover a vast collection of synthesizer loops, ambiences and sound effects. From the 60s and 70s to the 2045s and beyond, go on a journey through different eras framed through a modern vision of carefully designed riffs and loops, served on a plate of HQ analogue processing. Feel the vibe of the vintage world merged with a modern style that suits a multitude of genres. Get inspired by groovy riffs, wavy ambiences and completely unique sound effects. Here is a sample pack that you will keep in your collection forever.

Modular Techno 2

This is a comprehensive collection of driving Techno sequences crafted with modular systems, featuring basses, rhythms, and synth sequences to enhance your productions.

Cycles & Spots recorded more driving Techno sequences created with modular systems. Lengths of the Wav loops range from 2 to 61 bars. You’ll get basses, rhythms and synth sequences to spice up your productions. These are excellent inspirational starting points or could be the missing piece to your already started trax. You could also layer loops from this pack to get wider results. Either way, lots of fun awaits you with Modular Techno 2. Pack Contents: 100 Wav Loops

Analogue 101

A sample pack offering authentic samples derived from the Behringer MS-101, a faithful reproduction of the classic Roland SH101 synthesizer.

The Roland SH101 is a classic analogue synth from the 1980’s which became synonymous with electronic music of the time. These samples are taken from the Behringer MS-101 which is a faithful modern reproduction of the Roland, with a few added features. Good for rich bass, classic synth and chiptune or 8-bit styles too. There are no ‘presets’ on this analogue style instrument so all sounds have to be manually created. The samples are mostly 1shots of various instrument, synth and drum sounds with a few loops and arps. Sounds have been sampled over a full octave, in some cases two octaves. Loops are all at 120bpm but can easily be tempo changed.

Analog Kick Drums

With its diverse range of styles and massive kicks, this collection provides essential tools to enhance the rhythm and impact of your music productions.

¨Analog Kick Drums¨ is a killer collection which have been expertly crafted from hardware drum machines and covers a wide range of styles such as: Techno, Tech House, Minimal or Dubstep. Over 190 samples of massive kicks ready to drop on your project.

Dark Energy Mod Drum Sample Pack

Samples created with the Doepfer Dark Energy MK1 and Elektron Analog Four MK1. This collection provides versatile sonic elements ideal for adding character and depth to your music productions.

This collection of samples was created with Doepfer Dark Energy MK1 and Elektron Analog Four MK1(Filter, Noise, CV Control). This pack contains semi-realistic FM / AM percussion and a number of Dark Energy Mk1 waveforms. (triangle, square, sawtooth, Filter oscillation, etc).

Analog Drum Breaks

Each drum break here has been recorded with analog equipment and processed for a big, full sound, plus a vast array of multi-track stems and multi-velocity one-shot samples, this pack provides everything you need to recreate entire drum kits and inject old-school vibes into your tracks.

WFZ Samples present: ANALOG DRUM BREAKS Samplepack ANALOG DRUM BREAKS Grooves + Stems + One Shots is a collection of 20 drum grooves ready to use. Programmed using hardware sequencer and analog synthetizers it recreate old school sonorities and grooves reminding Miami Bass, Old School electro / Breakbeat and more. Recorded with analogue equipment in a digital multitrack environment, then processed and layered with percussions for a big and full sound! All the drum breaks are available in multi track / stems and with a huge selection of multi velocity one-shot samples you can recreate the whole drum kits. LOOPS / STEMS: 160 ONE SHOT SAMPLES: 140 TOTAL SAMPLES: 300 BPM: 120 to 135

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