In the world of music production, the right drum break can transform a good track into a great one. Whether you’re crafting a hip-hop masterpiece, a funk groove, or an electronic anthem, the rhythm and feel of authentic drum breaks are essential. With so many options available, finding the perfect sample pack can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the six best drum breaks sample packs that deliver top-notch quality, versatility, and that coveted vintage sound.

Krusty Breaks

Experience the authentic sound of vintage drums with Krusty Breaks. Recorded on reel-to-reel tape with a vintage analogue console and a variety of mics, these loops are perfect for those seeking genuine, old-school funk drum breaks.

Some more of what we love, in abundance! Those good ol’ Krusty Breaks. Recorded to a variety of 1/4″ & 1/2″ reel to reel recorders we have a bumper load of funky drum breaks for your looping or chopping pleasure. Recorded using a vintage analogue console, tasty preamps, various mics and a good stash of drums of all sizes straight to tape. These loops are not a digital recreation, they’re the reel thing.

Dr Rubberfunk: Drums Of Joy Volume 1

Unlock unique drum breaks recorded on an 8-track reel-to-reel tape machine. These loops feature live effects tweaking, dynamic tempo changes, and the rich sound of a 1950s Ajax drum kit, curated for DJs, producers, and songwriters.

Following the release of his debut Dr Rubberfunk single ‘Harry The Guitar’ in early 2001, Simon Ward spent a few days with his long time friend & musical cohort ‘Slim’ Jim Oliver and an 8 Track reel to reel tape machine, recording drums to use as samples. Some of the results made it into Dr Rubberfunk songs over the next few years, and some of the ideas went on to develop into the mythical ‘Super Guder Breaks’ series by Mr Guder, but several reels of drums stayed on the shelf – until now! These loops and breaks were all tracked to tape through an outboard compressor and a guitar multi-fx unit, with Jim live tweaking the effects, compression and mic levels, and Simon reacting to what he was hearing in his headphones whilst playing – changing the tempo to match delays, varying dynamics & styles to match the changing sound of the drums as they hit the tape hard. Dig in for the sounds of a 1950s Ajax drum kit overdriving the tape, plus catching the occasional delay, with some phasing and flanging flying in and out for good measure. Re-edited from the only stereo mix down done at the time, Dr Rubberfunk has curated this unique selection of original 1, 2, 4 & 8 bar breaks, patterns, phrases and fills – ideal for DJs, producers and songwriters alike. Use them as they are, or chop, slice and re-program to suit your needs – you won’t find another collection that sounds like them, that’s for sure!

Cut The Breaks

Elevate your hip hop and funk productions with Beats Cooking’s Cut The Breaks. This pack offers an array of gritty, groove-laden loops inspired by the classic sounds of the 60s and 70s, meticulously recreated with vintage processing.

This new sample pack from Beats Cooking is heaving with B-Boy Breaks for your hip hop & funk productions.

Crate Break Remakes

Tap into the expertise of Daytoner, a seasoned crate digger and drum break enthusiast. This sample pack features over 40 meticulously recreated drum loops inspired by the funk and soul pioneers of the 60s and 70s. Utilizing real kits, software instruments, and vintage processing, these loops offer authentic atmospheric sound, grit, and groove for producers of any genre.

Daytoner’s been digging through dusty vinyl crates for decades so it’s fair to say his love for drum breaks is insatiable! He’s used this research to craft his own loops for various record releases and now, for the first time, he’s made over 40 of his remade breaks available in this sample pack for producers of any genre to manipulate. Each loop has been lovingly recreated using real kits or software instruments combined with vintage processing to generate the atmospheric sound, grit and groove of the funk and soul pioneers of the 60s & 70s. The pack includes 34 drum loop patterns, plus variations, totalling 46 x 24 Bit WAV loops ranging from 80-130bpm

Barrys Ultimate Fakes & Beats Vol 3

Get the ultimate in breakbeat flexibility with Barry’s Ultimate Fakes & Beats Vol 3. These perfectly tempo-matched, expertly recreated breaks come with multi-velocity one-shot drums, engineered for maximum impact in hip-hop and breakbeat productions.

Infamous beat warrior ‘Barry Beats’ once again teams up with New Bap Sounds to serve up his latest slice of Breakbeat action in the form of `Barry’s Ultimate Fakes & Beats Vol 3’. Barry Beats AKA Si Spex does it again, faking the kind of original breaks that we all know and love and that have well and truly passed the Hip-Hop test of time. Why sample those used and much abused original breaks when these funky fresh, skilfully recreated adaptations are begging to be snatched. And unlike old original break beats, each of Barry’s 10 fake breaks are perfectly tempo matched and come equipped with the component multi velocity one shot drums giving you total control and flexibility. New Bap sounds have taken care to ensure these drums have all been specially engineered and processed to give maximum Boom to the bap! But please don’t take our word for it. Barry has prepared a fully narrated audio preview demo to showcase his drums in real world scenarios! See for yourself the Ultimate power of Barry’s Fake Breaks!

Naptown Drum Breaks

A massive collection of live-recorded drum loops, fills, and percussion with a classic Boom Bap and Hip-Hop feel. Recorded with vintage mics and preamps, this pack includes five different microphone mixes and both dry and wet versions for versatile use across genres.

Breaks, Breaks and More Breaks! This pack is massive and is loaded with full drum loops, percussion, and fills. The drums were recorded live in our facility with vintage microphones and pre amps. The grooves in this pack are swung with a classic Boom Bap and Hip-Hop feel. Perfect for multiple genres. Loops include all 5 different microphone mixes. Full, AEA, OH, K&S, and Vintage. Tempo 70-105 Included: Dry & Wet – Loops – Percussion – Fills

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