Join us as we take a peek into the sub heavy home of bass house music with our carefully curated selection of sample packs. This guide is your ultimate resource for discovering the finest packs filled with booming basslines, punchy drums, and infectious grooves. Get ready to get the room jumping with these essential packs!

Alchemy – G-House & Bass House

This is a full collection of basses, drums, and vocals tailored for Deep/Bass and G-House production. With its steady basslines, premium drum samples, and supreme vocal elements, this pack is essential for any producer looking to create captivating and energetic tracks in this genre.

Production Master delivers the ultimate Bass House sound collection, Alchemy (G-House & Bass House). Packed with steady basses, premium drums and supreme vocals, this really is a perfect fit for every Deep / Bass or G-House producer! This pack will satisfy all your G-House needs.

Ultra Wobble

Get awide range of content in this pack, including drum loops, melody loops, MIDI files, and more, this pack provides everything you need to create captivating bassey wobble drops.

‘Ultra Wobble’ by Smokey Loops a new collection for this top quality experience. This pack will give you rhythms and fresh tones and set your tracks on fire. You will find inside drum loops, bonus loops, melody loops, MIDI, one-shots and much more. This is a fantastic pack that will make you lose your head. MIDI files are included to offer you full flexibility. You have all the keys create your own favourite mix of future wobble drops. Each file is named with tempo and key labelled.

Ski Mask G-House & Bass House

A plethora of sounds including wobbly basslines, groovy drums, and percussion, each processed using top-of-the-range hardware and outboard gear.

Ski Mask – G-House & Bass House is an exciting new pack covering the latest house movement infused with 90s old school riffs. This unique sound bank features a plethora of sounds suitable for G-House, Bass House, Jungle Terror, Hybrid Trap, Dubstep and other bass music subgenres. WOBBLY BASSLINES Load up your sampler with a huge collection of filthy bass hits and loops. This folder includes granulated leads, funky stabs, filtered synths and wonky subs to give your house bangers that much-acclaimed attitude, which can be heard in all the tracks tearing up dancefloors everywhere! We’ve made sure every individual sound has been processed using top of the range hardware and outboard gear, with lots of distortion and effects applied for easy drag-and-drop use. GROOVY DRUMS & PERCUSSION Inside Ski Mask – G-House & Bass House you’ll find a plethora of the crispiest one-shot drums: weighty kicks, pounding snares, claps, percussion, heavy toms and tinkering tops, plus a mass of full drum loops, stemmed out loops and additional percussion patterns, all of which are just waiting to be hacked, chopped and transformed into solid frameworks for your next house banger. Please Note: This RouteNote Create edition does not include any MIDI/Preset files

Bass Tech House

Bouncy basslines, mesmerizing leads, synth elements, and punchy drums with a deep, rich texture. With these elements at your disposal, you can unlock the full potential of your music production.

Hello People! We’re thrilled to introduce our latest sample pack – “Bass Tech House” by R3D 8 Samples. Dive into a world of unparalleled sound with this meticulously crafted collection, featuring dynamic loops and one-shots that showcase: Infectious, Bouncy Basslines Mesmerizing Lead and Synth Elements Punchy Drums with a Deep, Rich Texture Unlock the full potential of your music production with “Bass Tech House” and elevate your tracks to new heights. Get ready to infuse your creations with energy, groove, and innovation!

Bass House

All the essential elements to produce full tracks in the Bass House genre, this pack offers filthy bass sounds and vibes that will take your productions to the next level.

‘Bass House’ by Catalyst Samples is getting you ready for the festival season bringing a set of Bass House vibes! This product contains all the elements you need to produce full tracks. Inspired by the major players from the Bass House scene! If you’re looking for filthy Bass tracks, look no further.

Boost Bass House

With 33 finely crafted loops, this pack provides booming, dance floor-destroying sounds that will elevate your productions and bring a hard-hitting energy to your tracks.

‘Boost Bass House’ by Banger Samples is jam-packed with supercharged samples for Drum & Bass, EDM, Wobble House or Future House productions. Loaded with booming, dance floor destroying sounds – ‘Boost Bass House’ delivers 33 of the finest loops in WAV format. Bring that boosting, hard-hitting sound to your productions now!

Dirty House

This is a versatile collection of samples, including bass hits, bass loops, drum loops, SFX loops, synth hits, and synth loops suitable for various genres including Dirty Deep House, Techno, G-House, Tech House, and EDM.

‘Dirty House’ by Banger Samples is new collection of WAV-samples, suitable for Dirty Deep House, Techno, G-House, Tech House, and EDM projects. Loaded with booming, dance floor destroying sounds – ‘Dirty House’ delivers a sizzling selection of drums & synth loops in WAV format. Product Details: • 17 Bass Hits; • 20 Bass Loops; • 43 Drum Loops; (Full, Hats, Kicks, Claps, Percussion & Tops) • 10 SFX Loops; • 12 Synth Hits; • 13 Synth Loops;

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