Do you need sample packs for hard hitting beats?! Join us as we take you on a tour around some of the best packs on RouteNote Create!

Narcos 2 – 100% Gangster Trap

This pack is perfect for crafting hard-hitting trap beats with a dark and sinister vibe. With ground-shaking sounds and samples designed to evoke a gritty atmosphere,

“Narcos 2: 100% Gangster Trap” is the follow-up to our hugely successful 100% gangster-trap pack. If you like your trap hard, dark and sinister, then this is a library that will excite you. Unload the ground-shaking sounds and samples straight into your DAW and get ready to become the next trap don in your hood.

Dark Trap Hip Hop Drum Kit

Tailored for those seeking a gloomy edge in their hip-hop productions, this pack offers unique drum hits that punch through the mix with a dark vibe.

The Dark Trap Drum Kit is our take on the gloomy side of Hip Hop music. This pack includes everything you could possibly need to cook up Trap beats with a darker edge. We put our focus on creating unique drum hits that have a certain dark vibe and also punch through the mix. Tired of buying sample packs, just to find out the coolest sounds from the demo aren’t even included? Our Dark Trap Drum Kit comes with 3 full construction kits, meaning that you’ll receive all the melodies, one-shots, loops & stems you can hear in the preview beat! In order to complete the pack we produced some of the hardest sounding 808s you’ll ever hear. You’ll also get a bunch of dark reese bass one-shots and some super cool effect sounds! Certainly, everything is labeled by BPM and key.

Drill Ties

Inspired by the contemporary drill sound, this pack delivers some of the hardest sounds in the game.

Drill Ties from Project Blvck consist of five hard drill kits. Inspired by todays drill sound. These pack contain some of the hardest sounds in the game! From crazy violins, melodic guitars, ear catching vocals, and hard drill drums. MIDI files are also included which give you the freedom to apply melodies with any sound you choose. Alternatively, drag and drop the WAV files into your DAW of choice to get started on hits straight away.

Peaky Drillers

This all-in-one sample pack equips you with everything needed to produce mainstream drill tracks.

‘Peaky Drillers’ is an All-In-One Sample Pack loaded with 85 WAV Loops, 62 MIDI Files, and 209 One-Shots. This pack will provide you with bouncy samples to help you produce your next mainstream Drill track. We included MIDI Files to give you complete control over your project. The MIDI Files allow you to apply the melodies to any sound. Alternatively, Drag and Drop the WAV files into your DAW of choice to get started on your next track. Inside, you’ll find One-Shots (Including Drums and Instruments), allowing you to create new beats, fills, and loops to complement the existing material. Load them up into your sampler of choice and create an infinite number of Drum Loops. Everything has been carefully mixed, and EQ’d for maximal usability and impact. You can even edit and chop the loops to make them unique. Drop the samples in your DAW or your favourite sampler or sequencer, hardware, and software.

Barz On Fire

eaturing five trap construction kits, each packed with bold 808s, pitched pianos, synths, and unique bells, this pack offers a wide range of sounds for crafting hard-hitting trap beats.

‘Barz On Fire’ brings you five fantastic Trap Construction Kits loaded with loud 808s, pitched pianos, synths, unique bells and much more. This pack includes massive bangers inspired by the best producers in the game. All parts are separated including fat signature synths, bass, keys, brass, kicks, snares, claps, hats and much more.

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