The new Analog Fusion plugin emulates the result of audio passing through the channel of a mixing desk and getting summed at an output.

Analog Fusion has 2 knobs for control. The “Channel” knob enhances the sound of individual tracks, and the “Console” knob is designed for Aux inputs and the Master Fader, reports Gear News.

With two intentional uses, and maybe some unintended uses, we can place Analog Fusion onto a channel and adjust the “CHANNEL” knob to enhance the sound of individual tracks. How? With a microphone preamp emulation!

When audio passes through the channel of a mixing desk and is combined at the output section, something incredible happens. This is how Analog Fusion works.

Final Mix Software

On a single track, a subtle change in tone with warmth and presence will be noticeable. To hear a mass of coloration, however, you’ll have to do this to a number of channels.

Placing the Analog Fusion plugin onto a group channel or your Master channel emulates the subtleties of line amps and summing amps.

To achieve a console-colored mix, the best way to achieve this is to apply the plugin to the individual channels and the master bus. This combines the preamp and amplifier coloration.

Analog Fusion is now available for Windows and Mac computers in VST, AU, and AAX formats, and is priced at $24.

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