The end of 2021 brought us a plethora of free and discounted plugins & VST’s. Well, we have some good news. ADSR is offering Numb by New Nation Software for FREE with ANY purchase on the ADSR site! The offer expires on January 31st.

The team over at ADSR is offering a FREE license for New Nation Software‘s plugin Numb for your basket with any purchase in their shop. This offer that breaks 2022 in for us musicians will be around until the end of January.

Designed for Dark Trap specifically, although it can be used for other genres, Numb is a dark acoustic guitar instrument VST. New Nation Software created the VST from an ‘Old steel-string acoustic guitar’, and it boasts to offer means to mimic artists such as Lil Peep and Post Malone.

Numb combines 14 sampled acoustic guitars and additional fret noises. It features 4 separate sampler engines which we can blend up to 4 samples at one time. This allows us to create unique guitar tones with a world of emotional character. An easy-to-use interface that offers us full control with a way to go deeper into sound design.

Divided into three main sections, Numb has everything on board to scrape the bottom of the can. Here are those features listed, as reported by Plugin Deals.

  • Top: FX In-Depth Adjustments + Preset Browser
    • Here you will find all of your FX Parameters + your Preset Browser. Easily browse, adjust & tweak your sounds in this section.
  • Middle: Sampler Adjustments
    • This section contains the Sampler Engines for your Guitar Instruments. Quickly edit & change your samples to create the sound you’re looking for.
  • Bottom: FX Quick Adjustments
    • Linked to the FX with the same name in TOP Section, these are an even faster way to add FX & get an idea of your sound.

It uses minimal CPU but still packs a wicked punch. The install is a breeze to let you be creative in no time. Just add the plugin to your cart with any other purchase and proceed to the checkout where it will be automatically discounted to zero.

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