Arturia, the French audio gear manufacturer, has recently announced its Minifuse audio interface range. Purpose-built for home studios on a low budget, all of the new interfaces in this range feature USB-A and USB-C connectivity.

For the smallest budget, the Minifuse 1 model has only a single input and two outputs, as well as a headphone monitoring input. The Minifise 1 interface is perfect for the singer-songwriter in you. Lay down that guitar and then blast your vocals… and you have a song!

The Minifuse 2, on the other hand, has two inputs and two outputs. Why not collab and bring your favourite keys player over? As well as these two models, the Minifuse 4 has 4 ins/outs! The Minifuse 2 & 4 models also feature MIDI connectivity and an additional headphone output on the Minifuse 4, so you can send and receive MIDI CC information as well as record your notes, and easily sync all your devices with MIDI 2.0!

All MiniFuse models come with an extra USB-A port which allows you to connect your external hard drive, your MIDI keyboard, or any other USB device within the model’s power consumption limit of 250mA!

Podcasters and streamers, this is a good day for you!

Due to MiniFuse’s LoopBack virtual channel, you can record or stream any additional audio source from your computer! These interfaces aren’t made just for musicians and producers! You can route additional audio from your browsers, your music folder, or audio from video clips… you can play any audio on your computer directly through the interface onto your recording!

The combo of XLR/TS single connection inputs allow you to connect your line instruments such as guitars and/or synths, but not forgetting your microphone! To support condenser mics, these whoppers come with 48V of phantom power for that extra boost.

With the use of universal USB-C connectivity from the interface to your computer, you can revel in low-latency audio and recording.

Here are the tech specs for the Minifuse 2. If you’re unfamiliar with what each of these specifications represents, click here.

Minifuse 2 tech specs, Source: Arturia

Minifuse 1 retail price: $99

Minifuse 2 retail price: $149 

Minifuse 4 will be releasing in early 2022.

All devices come with a suite of software for you to have fun with. This package includes a selection of Arturia FX plugins, Arturia Analog Lab Intro, Ableton Live LiteNative Instruments Guitar Rig 6 LE, and a 3-month free subscription to Antares Auto-tune Unlimited.

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