Please welcome PreSonus’s latest compact audio interface: the PreSonus AudfioBox GO.

The AudioBox GO is the latest compact USB audio interface in PreSonus’s AudioBox range! Designed for smaller setups, the new AudioBox GO is a 2 in / 2 out USB C audio interface that can be your travel companion as you make music on the go. The PreSonus audio interface offers only the essential recording features you’d find on an audio interface, and it can be powered with both computers and mobile devices, reports Gear News.

Buyers of the AudioBox GO don’t just get a compact interface though. PreSonus includes a software package consisting of Studio One Prime DAW + Studio Magic. For just $80, the AudioBox GO is a great unit of choice for beginners and travelers.

PreSonus AudioBox GO is a compact audio interface for small setups and on the go recording, Source: MusicRadar

The PreSonus AudioBox GO

Presonus’s AudioBox GO features a single PreSonus XMAX-L preamp that is capable of delivering detailed, low-noise recordings with a maximum gain of 50 dB. The Audiobox Go also features phantom power for condenser microphones. The preamp itself sits on a combo connector which allows us to record line-level sources such as microphones or synthesizers too.

An instrument input also us to connect an electric guitar or bass. Whatsmore is that you can record your jam with your pal. How? Because the AudioBox GO lets us record from the instrument and line inputs at the same time.

You’ll find both the line and instrument inputs on the back of the interface. On the back also sits a pair of 1/4-inch jacks for monitor outputs, and a USB-C connector for a computer or mobile connection.

The PreSonus AudioBox GO features two inputs on its rear and volume, gain, and mix controls on the front, Source: Gear News

On the front of the panel sits the gain controls for the instrument and line inputs. As well as gain controls, a monitor volume control and a Mix control are all accessible via the front panel. A headphone output also sits on the front, as well as the 48V diode indicator.

From something this small, the analog-to-digital conversion rate is nothing short of impressive. The resolution is 24-bit / 96 kHz – high definition audio. We can connect the interface to our devices via USB-C connection, and the device is bus-powered. The Audiobox GO also connects to the vast majority of iOS and Android devices.

PreSonus AudioBox GO is perfect for spur-of-the-moment recordings. Just plug & play, Source: PreSonus

True to its name, the AudioBox GO is so powerful and loaded with features, you’ll want to take it with you everywhere — so we made it small enough to toss into your guitar case or your laptop bag. 


Price and Availability of the PreSonus AudioBox GO

The AudioBox GO is available now for $80. You can get your hands on one through Thomann with an expected shipping time between 2 and 5 days.

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