Bandcamp has announced that it’s now offering live streaming services for artists, reports Gear News.

Artists can now perform over a live stream in a service that’s integrated into Bandcamp’s current marketplace infrastructure. When you announce your live stream it’s added to the Bandcamp Live Calendar. This is a forthcoming schedule that is promoted throughout the platform!

All of your current followers are sent invitations to your live stream, and a ticket buyer or free concert attendee will automatically be added as one of your followers.

All of these new fans that you attract through your live stream are informed of all your music and merchandise releases in the future too! This is an amazing opportunity to grow your audience 24/7. As you grow, your audience can grow too!

Showcase your music and merch right alongside your stream. Fans can check out without interrupting the show and their purchases appear in the chat, driving more sales.


You can choose between creating ticketed or free streams, so your fans can choose. Bandcamp Live gives you control to customize and coordinate your streaming schedule with all of your other releases and even merch drops. You can stream free rehearsals to build up to a show, as well as present soon-to-be-released material to your own captive audience.

Fans that attend your streams have access to all of your music releases and merchandise while they watch your stream, so you can maximize the opportunity. This feature is really simple to activate, and purchasing your material is made as easy as possible for your fans.

50% of Bandcamp revenue is generated by music that’s less than 90 days old 75% comes from music that has been released in the last year.

Unlike other subscription-based music platforms such as Soundcloud and Spotify where the majority of listening is happening in back catalogues, the focus for Bandcamp Live is on new music for some incentive.

Bandcamp only takes 10 percent of each transaction on their platform and all payouts will happen within 24-48 hours.

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