Processing a large number of audio files at once is time-consuming, am I right?

Well, this one is for you. Batch Pro 2 by Digital Brain Instruments allows you to process and convert a group of audio at once. Moreover, you can run the same files through a chain of VST plugins at the same time, reports Gear News.

Batch Pro 2 allows you to process multiple audio files at once. You
Batch Pro 2 allows you to process multiple audio files at once. You’ll be able to save time when organising your sample library & when applying batch effects while mastering. Source: Gear News

Creating your own sample library requires you to process a large number of audio files at once if you want to save yourself some time. Not only for sample library curation but processing more than one file at one time is a useful technique in mastering too.

Digital Brain Instruments Batch Pro 2

Compatible audio file formats in Batch Pro 2 consist of WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files types. You can actually convert one file format to another, change the sampling rate up to 192 kHz and bit depth up to 32 bits.

But that’s not all! You can flip your audio from mono to stereo and vice versa, change the gain (-40 to +40 dB) and pitch (-24 to +24 semitones) and apply frequency shifting (+/- 1000 Hz). A pair of high pass and low pass filters allow you to apply additional frequency shaping too!

For mastering purposes, Batch Pro 2 allows you to set up a chain of up to eight VST or AU plugins at any one time. One master and one monitoring plugin like a meter/analyzer can be set up to assess your audio files too. Every audio file in your batch receives processing through the same chain of plugins, which can be very useful for audio restoration as well as mastering.

To locate your files on your system, Batch Pro 2 has a useful file browser where you can load up your files into the plugin. A preview feature also comes as part of the browser, where you can preview the sample with or without any processing.

Finally, a preset manager enables you to set up various configurations for repeated processing!

Demo video for Digital Brain Instruments Batch Pro 2.

Digital Brain Instruments Batch Pro 2 is now available from the developer’s website for $69. The software runs on macOS 10.11.6 or higher (including M1) and Windows 8 or higher.

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