Behringer’s PRO-VS Hybrid Vector Synth finds its inspiration in the 1986 Sequential VS synth.

Behringer PRO-VS Synth is a small instrument that
Behringer’s PRO-VS Hybrid Vector Synth. Source: MusicTech

The Behringer PRO-VS Synth features many controls that you’ll find on the Sequential Prophet, such as the 4D joystick, while also housing 127 wavetables and 32 presets, reports MusicTech.

Behringer’s latest hardware synth, the PRO-VS Hybrid Vector synth, is a small instrument that’s been inspired by the Sequential Circuits Prophet V. The synth has four voices of polyphony. On top of 127 wavetables and 32 presets, the PRO-VS also includes analog filters and retains the 4D joystick from the Sequential VS.

You’ll also find a sequencer, an arpeggiator and an oscilloscope display alongside a bank of controls on the Behringer PRO-VS Synth. On the front panel, you can control the onboard envelope, LFO, filter, oscillator and effects in a bank of 12 small knobs. Various buttons give you access to the different routing possibilities and for choosing between the 4 waveforms. A small screen provides visual feedback on what you’re doing.

A small screen provides visual feedback on what you
A small screen provides visual feedback on what you’re doing on the PRO-VS. Source: Gear News

Inputs and outputs on the device include a headphone output, sync, MIDI input, and a USB.

The PRO-VS is expected to retail at $99 once Behringer receives the chips for the PRO-VS. As there is still a shortage of chips available, Behringer has not yet set a date for pre-orders or a shipping date for the PRO-VS.

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