Let’s talk about how to promote your music successfully online.

Coupled with the multitude of ways there are to make music, it can be pretty overwhelming to promote your music because you have so many options. However, to keep it simple, we’re only going to focus on five ways you can promote your music online and build an audience.

You could spend the entire value of your bank to promote music online. And you could use all 24 hours in a day to do so too. But where does that leave you? If you’re exhausted and broke, what good is that?

In this article, you’ll find ways to promote music for free and a way that may cost you a little. By successfully promoting your music to the right people you will inevitably build yourself a loyal audience. Content marketing is another sensible option to build and keep your audience engaged. This article does cover some content marketing when we talk about Instagram, for example, but it’s important to add a personal touch.

What do we mean by this? Well, for starters, almost everyone is on social media – and everyone tries to promote their own music on social media. Before we talk about any of the best sites to promote music on, let’s talk about two methods you may not have considered. Two methods that have a personal touch.

Create an Email List to Promote Your Music

In any industry, an email list is one of the most valuable marketing tools a brand can have. If you don’t think you and your music are a brand then you need to reframe your thinking too!

Creating an email list is an awesome way to promote your music online. You can send one email a day, a week, or a month to your entire fan base!
Creating an email list is an awesome way to promote your music online. You can send one email a day, a week, or a month to your entire fan base! Source: MailerLite

An email list grants you direct access to your audience. On social media, algorithms decide who sees your content. But with an email list, you can rest assured that your content will land in their inbox.

And this is why an email list is the most valuable marketing tool you can have.

Building your email list is a continuous grind. It will only be as big as you allow it to be! You don’t need to be releasing music constantly either. Just sending a monthly email with updates on what you’ve been up to, if there is music on the horizon, and exclusive content for your email subscribers will keep your audience engaged and informed at the same time!

Email lists are the golden ticket for building a community that actually wants to know more about you and your music. When you do have new music to promote you can be sure that they’ll want to know!

Not bad for a personal touch, ey?

Get in Touch With Music Blogs

Getting in touch and featuring on small music blogs will have a huge impact on the reach of your music. A music blog with an effective SEO strategy could put a review of your music in front of hundreds – or thousands – of eyes. Search around for music blogs that offer single and/or album reviews. Reach out to blogs that do show reviews if you have one coming up.

The possibilities don’t stop there. Reaching out for interviews or even guest posting will allow potential fans to get to know you!

Look into music blogs that feature music similar to yours. You want to be getting in front of the right eyes and ears! Put together a pitch that’s honest and reflects you as a person and a musician.

Talk About Yourself On Podcasts

Seeking out interviews and reviews on music blogs isn’t the only option you have.

You could get yourself an interview on a podcast! Or you could get your music featured. Either of these methods puts you in front of more potential fans. A feature on a podcast local to you still goes a long way. You’ll break into a new audience, and they’ll hear an in-depth review of you & your music. 

Have a look online for podcasts that operate in your genre/field. Pitch your songs to the podcasts you find, or reach out for an interview.

Promote Your Music On Instagram

Instagram has so many function tools, and this is why we think it’s one of the best platforms that you can promote your music on. These tools include the optional grid layout, as well as stories, IGTV for videos, Instagram Live, and Reels for further content marketing.

Instagram is a resourceful tool to sue and promote your music online. It has multiple features you can use to promote music, like adding a new post, a story, or a reel.
Instagram is a resourceful tool to sue and promote your music online. It has multiple features you can use to promote music, like adding a new post, a story, or a reel. Source: Ditto Music

Experiment with all of the tools that Instagram has to offer you. This is the only way you’ll find what helps you build an audience on Instagram. Instagram traffic is incredibly valuable to a brand. To drive that traffic to your music, you can share clips of you & your beats/music on your timeline, as well as videos of your music creation process, with Instagram Reels. You can use Stories to let fans see the human side of you too!

Use TikTok too

TikTok has quickly become a popular way to promote music online; trending on TikTok can do big things for your music career. The video app is especially popular among Gen Z, but older demographics have wasted no time hopping on the bandwagon. 

You can create your own short videos, but be sure to also release your music to the platform as well so it can be used as audio snippets. The fine-tuned algorithm and addictive format give you a good chance of organically reaching a new audience with TikTok in comparison to other social media platforms.

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