40,000 new tracks are uploaded to Spotify every single day. That’s a huge number, and no single person could be expected to keep up with all of these fresh releases. So, where do you start if you’re looking to find some new music? 

Thankfully, Spotify playlists have you covered. If you’re looking to expand your musical interests and find something new, then Spotify’s curated playlists are always a great place to begin your search.

What’s your style? Is it hip hop? Drum and bass? Or do you see yourself as more of a jazz fan? Whatever your poison may be, and wherever you listen, there’s a playlist for you. Sometimes, however, you’ve just got to dig around until you find it.

Well, that would be true in any normal circumstance. This time, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Spotify playlists for you!


Spotify Playlists: WHO WE BE

Our favourite Spotify playlist has to be WHO WE BE. Now hosting over 700,000 listeners, Spotify‚Äôs blockbuster Who We Be playlist has been a huge force in taking Hip Hop UK Rap, R&B, Afrobeat, UK Drill, and Dancehall to a global audience since its arrival on the scene five years ago. If you find that you’re always behind when hip-hop, R&B, and afrobeat drops, you can stay on top of Who We Be. It features a round-up of music that everyone’s chattering about on the street. Take a peep every week and always be in the know.


Spotify Playlists: Hooked

Hooked is a playlist jam-packed with motivational dance and party choons. Designed to “carry you through the week”, you’ll find a huge range of high tempo tracks that ill get you stepping through the day.

Largely focused around 4 to the Floor music, Hooked features many tunes with entrancing hooks, big bassy beats, and some classic house and techno sounds.

Disco Forever

Spotify Playlists: Disco Forever

Making a glamorous return to the public eye is Disco. Dua Lipa to Doja Cat brought the genre back into the conversation in 2020, and the playlist now boasts over1,000,000 monthly listeners. Everyone else seems to be doing it, so is it time for you to journey back in time and immerse yourself in the hits of times gone by? Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, and more are waiting for you in Disco Forever as the playlist rounds up the music that once lit up Studio 54 and they’ll go a long way towards brightening your day up too.

Pure Filth

Spotify Playlists: Pure Filth

As the name might suggest, Pure Filth is a playlist full of dirt. Of all the Spotify playlists we’ve mentioned, this is by far the fattest.

Drum and bass, dubstep, hardstyle and other hardcore genres are all featured – and so much more. Gritty sound design, HUGE basslines.

Home to all sorts of underground electronic music genres, Pure Filth will have you bouncing around any space -whether a bus stop, your room, or a rave.

Most Necessary

Spotify Playlists: Most Neccessary

Let’s talk about Most Necessary. It’s a Spotify playlist with a habit of predicting the hits of tomorrow. No big deal, right?Most Necessary has a watchful eye on internet rap from all over the globe. Housed is a comprehensive representation of today’s rap culture and trends. With heavy-hitters like DaBaby and Lil Tyjay, Most Necessary can fire you and your posse up.

New Music Friday

Spotify Playlists: New Music Friday

Perhaps the most talked about Spotify curated playlist, New Music Friday grats front row seats the all of the new music coming out of studios here and now. A listener count of 3,000,00+ talks for itself, but with millions of artists releasing new music all of the time it is truly great to have a place where you can find popular releases that are, truly, hot off of the press.

Mellow Bars

Spotify Playlists: Mellow Bars

Maybe it’s time to unwind, decompress, and mellow out. If you are looking to turn down rather than up, Mellow Bars, curated by Yung Lean, is a playlist that houses songs from artists such as BROCKHAMPTON and YBN Cordae. You can unwind yet effortlessly nod your head to the beat at the same time at an intermediate pace.


Spotify Playlists: Lo-fi

Keeping it chill, we’ve got another Lo-fi playlist for you. Adequately named, RouteNote’s Lo-fi playlist will allow you to simmer down as you kick your feet up. Play the sampled basslines and keys, the filtered out drums, and the hazy music as you study or chill!

Warehouse Party

Spotify Playlists: Warehouse Party

If you’re like me, you may have been desperate for a trip to the dancefloor. Warehouse Party, then, may just be for you. It packs together so many of the biggest floor fillers from the past few years. What’s that? A rave at yours? From NERO to Todd Terje, you can have it out with glitter and bring the dancefloor home.


Spotify Playlists: Butter

Butter is a place where you can find vocals that’ll get to your soul and rhythms to chill and tap your feet to. The playlist also brings new talent together with bigger names, so it’s a pace where you can discover up-and-coming artists among the more familiar songs.

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