It’s our favourite time of the year – it’s Black Friday season! Forget Christmas, November is a music producers’ favourite month, right? Countless plugins go on sale, but they’re still as epic as ever.

To celebrate, we’ve done a quick round-up of our favourite five plugin sales with some brief reasons why. It’s up to you to figure out if they’ll work for you and your music, but we can recommend all of them for their awesome processing capabilities and the effects that you can create with these discounted plugins!


The legend that is Soundtoys is a plugin brand that has made waves over the years. Pro mix engineers use toys such as Echoboy and Decapitator in their industry-leading mixes. It’s fitting to sue industry-standard plugins in an industry-standard mix, right?

They haven’t released a whole lot as of recent, but Black Friday presents us with an opportunity (discounts of up to 70%, to be precise) to get our mitts all over what they have released. And you won’t be disappointed.


Waves always seem to be discounting their plugins, which makes their software some of the most accessible, yet premium, plugins on the market. They’re also a personal favourite brand of mine. This Black Friday there are prices at such low shelves that a toddler could reach them.

There are many great Waves plugins, so make sure you get yourself over to their site and see what’s on offer!

Here are some examples of what’s on offer:

J37 Tape Machine, which is a vintage tape saturation plugin

H-Delay, which is if you hadn’t guessed, a delay plugin with a plethora of modulation options

Reel ADT, which is a tape-style chorus, is great for fattening up vocals

FL Studio at Guitar Centre

To all budding electronic musicians and beatmakers, FL Studio is on offer! That’s right! A full-size DAW is on offer at Guitar Centre!

Already being one of the most affordable DAWs on the market, a further discount really does open the flood gates.

The mass majority of, if not all beatmakers use FL Studio and swear by it. Why not try it yourself?

Unlike most DAWs, it also comes with free lifetime upgrades, so you’ll never have to flash the cash on an upgrade. Ever.

Boz Digital Labs

Boz is one hell of an innovative brand. So much so, in fact, that using their plugins leaves you with a curious sense of “why has no one done this before?”

Well, I guess it’s kudos to Boz. Their Black Friday plugin sale offers legendary plugins. All of these epic plugins are just $29 each!

Transgressor 2

Manic Compressor

Big Clipper


Finally, we have Pulsar. You could call these guys the new kids on the bloc. Their emulation plugins of classic hardware have sent waves around the music community. So, this Black Friday why not find out what all of the fuss is about?

The Pulsar 1178 is the most renowned Pulsar plugin. It’s a digital emulation of the classic Universal Audio 1176 hardware compressor that is a favourite of many professional engineers.

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