BYOD by ChowDSP is a free distortion plugin aimed at guitarists.

BYOD, short for build your own distortion, is a free new plugin by ChowDSP. All ChowdDSP plugins are free, and BYOD is no different!


Despite being aimed at guitar players, BYOD’s interface allows you to build your very own distortion effect in a modular fashion! More specifically, BYOD is a modular-like effect building environment that features several effect-processors. You can “patch in” each effect processor to your processing chain and get creative!

Furthermore, you can chain the separate processors either in series or parallel to one another. Hooking them up and releasing them is simple too.

The processing units each have similar controls. Therefore you can utilise a somewhat streamlined workflow with these easy to use processors. It won’t take long for you to create an effect efficiently, and time is of the essence for many guitar players and producers.

As a result, BYOD is a pretty useful distortion plugin for generating custom effects – the only limit is your imagination. Well, that and the sum amount of effect processors, of course.

ChowDSP BYOD is a modular style distortion plugin. You can "patch-in" your desired effect processors and build your own custom distortions. Starting with an input, you can decide what modules will process your signal.
Source: KVR

BYOD is an open-source software plugin, so you can grab it for free – now and forever. You don’t need to register an account or give any details – all you have to do is click the relevant system that you have from the menu (Windows, macOS, etc.).

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a developer then you can also become a contributor and add to the development of the plugin.

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