Drum samples are great tools for adding that extra punch to your music. Whether you’re making electronic beats or needing live drums recordings from a studio, these drum loops and one-shots will give you the sound you need.

Kick Drums

These kick drums are perfect for creating new beats and grooves. They come with different variations so you can easily mix them up and use them as part of your track.

Analog Kick Drums by Abstract State


¨Analog Kick Drums¨ is a killer collection which have been expertly crafted from hardware drum machines and covers a wide range of styles such as: Techno, Tech House, Minimal or Dubstep. Over 190 samples of massive kicks ready to drop on your project.”

Snare Drums

This snare pack includes different snares ranging from classic to modern styles. Each one has been recorded at various speeds and tempos to give you plenty of options when mixing and matching.

Brushed Snares by Tallbeard Studios


“Huge collection of lovingly captured brushed snares using two different brushes (Live Wire and Steve Gadd). This pack contains over 100 one-shot samples and 28 loops.”

Hi Hats

Whether you’re an artist, musician or DJ, these hat samples will help you make your music sound more professional. They’ve been carefully crafted by an experienced producer/engineer to provide you with the highest quality sounds possible.

Hat Loops Vol.1 by ZachOnDrums


“An essential must have for producers of all styles. Need an exciting new hi hat pattern to energise your track? This pack has got you covered. Looking for unique hi hat samples to make you stand out from the crowd? Look no further! This pack includes hi hat cymbals made from iconic cymbal makers.


These claps and snares have been crafted using analog gear to give you some punchy, clean & dirty styles of clap.

Tempest Claps & Snares by Yorgos Arabatzis AKA YA


“16 analog claps & 16 analog snares ranging from classic, dirty, fat, and beyond!”

Percussion Loops

It’s the little bits of detail that can make or break a track! This pack has all the ear candy you’ll ever need!

Tape by Soundiron


“Tape lets you explore sonic degradation and recombination with a unique selection of hundreds of individually handcrafted and uniquely-styled percussive strikes, stingers, and effects that will burn right through your mix. Tape’s unique sound comes from acoustic recordings that were captured through destroyed cassette and microcassette tapes, then carefully twisted and mangled into a distinctive collection of easy “out-of-the-box” content for all of your electronic and hybrid percussion needs.”


We’ve got everything you need to make your next track sound amazing! This pack has it all, snares, claps, hats, kicks, percussion, and more.

Barrys Ultimate Fakes & Beats Vol 3
by NEW BAP Sounds


“Each of Barry’s 10 fake breaks are perfectly tempo matched and come equipped with the component multi velocity one shot drums giving you total control and flexibility. New Bap sounds have taken care to ensure these drums have all been specially engineered and processed to give maximum Boom to the bap! But please don’t take our word for it. Barry has prepared a fully narrated audio preview demo to showcase his drums in real world scenarios! See for yourself the Ultimate power of Barry’s Fake Breaks!”

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