TikTok is a massive platform. That’s great for you if you love an unlimited stream of content to get you through your day. But when it comes to music, the platform is trying o step up. It wants to help independent artists get found with its SoundOn platform, but now it wants to help brands to get their own original music too!

Brands that want to feature original music in their own content, whether advertising or memetic content, can now make use TikTok’s partnership with six companies in its “Sound Partners” programme.

A report by Music Ally says these six companies provide a library of cleared-for-copyright music for commercial purposes in two groups.

Custom sound’ tracks will be provided by KARM, MassiveMusic and The Elements Music, while ‘subscription sound’ will be provided by Epidemic Sound, Songtradr and UnitedMasters.

The “subscription” is in the name because it’s based on a subscription basis. If a brand wants to use music in the “Subscription sound” group, they pay a subscription to the three companies in that group for unlimited access to the background music!

TikTok state:

Custom Sound

Custom Sound partners create bespoke tracks that inspire community participation and excitement around Hashtag Challenges, campaigns, and much more.

  • KARM – A global music production company specializing in custom tracks on TikTok. Made for the TikTok generation, KARM focuses all of their attention on making brand bangers on the platform.
  • MassiveMusic – A global music agency delivering everything a brand needs in the field of music, voice and sound – impactful strategies, sonic brand identities and best-in-class compositions. MassiveMusic creates this and much more thanks to its fervent passion for music combined with craftsmanship and scientific research.
  • The Elements Music – An award-winning, international music and sound agency, specializing in producing REAL RECORDS FOR MEDIA – authentic music for brands that’s crafted with the same attention to detail as records produced for major-label recording artists and feature films.

Subscription Sound

Subscription Sound partners offer flexible music offerings through monthly, yearly, or project-based licensing plans that enable brands to develop always-on strategies for TikTok.

  • Epidemic Sound – The leading music destination for content creators and brands globally. Millions of storytellers turn to Epidemic for high-quality music and sound effects.
  • Songtradr – The fastest-growing B2B music platform in the world – enabling creators and brands to discover fresh music that helps content perform better.
  • UnitedMasters – UnitedMasters is an independent music platform that gives creators access to premium music distribution services, a suite of tools to help directly connect with their fans, and opportunities to partner with major brands. UnitedMasters takes the guesswork out of culture for brands, offering custom music solutions, curated sync licensing, and artist activations with breaking artists.

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