It’s that time where we talk about our favourite sample packs for music production.

We’ve got a lovely bunch of sample packs for music production lined up for you. To be more specific, you’re going to find electronic music sample packs for house music, trap, drum & bass, techno, and hip hop. Not only will you find sample packs for these mainstream spaces, but we’ve got some experimental stuff in store for you too!

Despite the accessibility of music-making, music production sample packs that are high in quality are few and thin. Well, sample packs that don’t break the bank each month are hard to find. Consequently, you may be paying an arm and a leg each month to get your hands on samples for your music. But you no longer need to do so! Stick around and find the sample pack that will take your music production up a notch… or ten.

Best Sample Pack for Music Production: Crystal by Soundiron

Out of all the sample packs for music production, Our favourite sample pack this month has to go to Crystal by Soundiron. Crystal is a collection of clean, crystal-like, glitchy percussive strikes, stingers, and effects. To illustrate, these sounds will simply cut through your mix.

The unique sound of Crystal descends from glass field recordings Soundiron have twisted and mangled into a simple solution for glitchy percussion. A wide range of shimmering sound sources for EDM, IDM, dubstep, chillwave, glitch-hop, downtempo, dub, and so many more genres sit waiting for you in this pack.

But if you like to branch out of musical genres, this pack is for you too. Crystal is an amazing solution for sci-fi sound design, and even creating user interface sound effects for both games and apps!

Phentix Access Virus TI Sample Pack 1 by Raffael Pirngruber

This pack features a total of 60 stunningly unique samples.

All samples in this crazy pack derive from analog synthesis. To be more specific, Raffael made extensive use of the Access Virus Ti2 synthesizer to construct this memorable sample pack. Moreover, the samples in Phentix Access sit in 3 categories that consist of Basses, Pads and Sound Effects. Each category has a total of 20 samples.

You may be thinking about post-processing? Well, Raffael has made use of Fabfilter and iZotope product suites.

Fragments Experimental Hip Hop by Code Sounds

Next up we have the notorious Code Sounds. Fragments Experimental Hip Hop, has been put together by producer & sound designer AYLN.

It’s time for you to venture into fresh, mysterious, and new territory with this deeply experimental collection of hip hop grooves, beats and one-shots. This futuristic hip hop pack dives deep and explores the fragments of experimental and granular sounds, and of course Lo-Fi vinyl elements full of nostalgia.

Both rappers and producers will find a set of tools that’ll inspire them to stand out from the crowd.

AYLN pushes the known limits of both hip hop and Lo-Fi in this bundle of sweet grooves, beats and keys. You’ll find crispy lo-fi drums, authentic deep tones, 808’s full of sub-bass, and keys and melodies that’ll send a shiver down your spine.

20 full beat loops await you, with over 160 stem loops featuring kicks, snares, claps, bass, synths, pads and more. This may be one of those trap music sample packs that raise the bar for the rest!

Slasher Volume 2 by Killem Dafoe

And talking of shivers and spines, it’s time to have a slash from the past.

Slasher 2 is a sample pack not for the faint of heart. Here’s a dark sample pack that finds its inspiration in old school slasher movies!

A mixture of both grimy synths and live instruments brings this pack to life. But we can’t forget the creepy sound effects too! Any producer that’s looking to add a dark side to their music will find a pack to fall in love with here.

From harrowing violin 16th note rhythms, twisted instrumental one-shots and impacts, creepy vocal lines, and all things curiously strange – lovers of dark sounds can rest easy for Slasher Volume 2 is everything they need.

OVRDRV: 808 Techno by Datacode

This one’s for the techno lovers, of course. We see you.

Datacode bring a brand new series, the OVRDRV Series (pronounced Overdrive). By exploring the dark side of sound design with experimental and cutting-edge sounds, Datacode aim to create a series of sounds that provide a crucial purpose: setting your productions apart from the rest.

The explosive and hard-hitting sample pack that is OVRDRV: 808 Techno presents a huge resurgence of vintage equipment with the popular sound of the TR-808.

The TR-808 is an iconic instrument – one that has shaped trap music. But not just trap. You’ll find the sound of the TR-808 in various genres of electronic music like Drum & Bass and Dubstep too!

Techno, Tech House and Minimal producers have been taken care of here. The goal of Datacode with OVRDRV: 808 Techno is to “create a collection of high quality 808 samples and then destroy and mangle them in as many ways we could think of”.

This process has given us a sample pack with edgy sounds including deep kicks, ultra low subs, overdriven synths, distorted bass, filtered drone FX, and more.

Vocal House Anthems by Catalyst Samples

As the name may suggest, here’s our favourite house music sample pack this month!

Catalyst Samples are back! Vocal House Anthems brings us fresh and forward-looking bass, drums and synths, on top of vocals and acapellas!

Producers looking to break the rules and enter the future as loudly as possible can get their hands on the perfect samples to do so. 5 full tracks were created for this project that has all the elements you’ll need in your melodic vocal production. Additional adlibs have also been thrown in to spark some new ideas!

Rather than pay for a vocalist, save the costs and production time and bring that beloved summer feeling to your music with all things bass, synths, plucks, pianos, strings, FX and vocals!

Astro Guitarz 3 by Cartel Loops

Here’s another one for the hip hop producers.

Astro Guitarz 3 by Cartel Loops is a collection of guitar loops that find their inspiration in the fire of the hottest hip hop players right now.

If you’re looking for fresh top-quality guitar elements for your hip hop tracks you should check out this straightforward guitar pack. With both wet and dry loops for maximum flexibility, this pack might contain that extra element you need to finish off a project.

Street Bangaz by Studio Trap

Studio Trap present: Street Bangaz.

Five explosive trap construction kits are waiting to bring the power to your DAW. You’ll find a wide range of sounds brimming with energy. Street Bangaz has been carefully crafted to bring you both the inspiration and tools to light up your musical creations hotter than the sun.

You’ll find tons of Trap style arpeggioss, spacey pads; experimental plucks; boomin’ 808’s; heavy kicks drums; hi-hat patterns; snares; claps; percs and more.

Every sound in this epic p[ack have been processed and edited with outboard gear to bring you authentic analog warmth.

American Dreamin by Loops 4 Producers

‘Loops 4 Producers bring us American Dreamin.

Like Astro Guitarz 3, American Dreamin presents five construction kits that find their inspiration in the hottest acts of today.

American Dreamin is full of inspiring content that will get your creative juices flowing, moving you closer to a Trap masterpiece. Get inspired to create your next hit with the sounds that are contained in this sample pack. Alternatively, drag and drop the WAV files into your DAW of choice to get started straight away. Get inspired when you hear the incredible sounds that this sample pack has to offer.

Neuro Tech Drum & Bass by Banger Samples

The final sample pack on our list for this month is Neuro Tech DnB by Banger Samples.

And this pack is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s full off Neuro grooves, stabbing basses, piping hot beats, pad & drone sounds that you don’t want to miss.

But that isn’t everything! Arp & synth loops and drum hits will add to the energy of your music in impactful ways. Every sound is ready to jump straight into your neuro-based music, not just Drum & Bass. Neuro Tech DnB brings a heavyweight sound that is ready to cause some serious dancefloor devastation.

A straight-forward collection of aggressive, dynamic and forceful sounds are lying in wait for you to download before they attack. You’ll find 15 arp & sequence loops; 32 bass loops; 85 drum loops; 94 drum one-shots; 27 pad & drone loops; and 22 synth loops.

February Sample Packs for Music Production

And that’s a wrap. We hope you enjoy using these sample packs in your music production. You may find our other blogs interesting too. We publish music production tutorials daily, on top of daily articles that announce new and exciting plugins that developers are constantly releasing.

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