You may have heard of Tilt EQ plugin Mixland and Kiive Audio? Well, get ready for freeTILT!

freeTilt by Mixland features one knob to control EQ positioning & one fader to control "grit"
freeTILT! by Mixland features one knob to control EQ positioning & one fader to control “grit”. Source: MusicRadar

With only a single Tilt knob and a lonely Grit fader, freeTILT is a passive tilt-shelving EQ. A tilt EQ’s filter shape is “akin to very wide high and low shelving filters at frequencies that give us a straight line ‘see-saw’ curve”. We can use this curve shape to boost one end of the spectrum while cutting away from the other simultaneously!

However, rather than just being a box standard tilt EQ, freeTILT also features `a vacuum tube output stage that you can adjust, reports MusicRadar.

Going back to the knobs you’ll find on the interface, the Tilt knob has a fixed high and low frequency Tilt point at 100hz and 12kHz. Any EQ movements feed directly into the tube circuit and influence the drive and distortion amount. The Grit fader, on the other hand, controls the amount of tube saturation. The amount of range goes from subtle warmth to “sizzly clipping”.

The EQ curves and tube circuitry were inspired by classic and modern pieces of tube gear, and various aspects of those boxes were modeled and mangled at an exceptionally bizarre level of precision to provide a delicious and undeniably-pleasing sound


You can download freeTILT! now on the Mixland website. It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats. 

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