The pack contains 5 vocals (dry/wet) and 5 accompanying MIDI files.

HighLife Samples has announced the release of a free collection of royalty-free female vocals for your music productions, reports

HighLIfe Samples FRE Vocal Samples, Source: HighLife Samples

This new vocal sample pack brings you 100% royalty-free female vocals for FREE! These free vocal samples are perfect for your music productions and are DAW-ready from the get-go. These vocals, suitably named “Free Vocal Samples”, are professionally recorded and of high quality.

The free vocal samples come in WAV file format, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility with your DAW. The WAV file format is compatible with all major digital audio workstation software. But it’s not just audio files you’re getting for the price of $0, you also get MIDI files too!.

If you haven’t used MIDI files before, MIDI files are a simple, quick, and very easy way to rearrange, edit and create your own melodies in a matter of minutes (or less). You can insert your favorite VST or hardware, import the MIDI files, and BOOM! You have a fresh melody without any audio limitations.

This free vocal sample pack is suitable for EDM genres likes: Trance, House, Progressive, and Future Pop. There are three individual vocal parts, two verses,s, and one chorus. This would make your song sound great as a complete song structure.

These free vocal samples are ready and waiting for your download. Can your current sample library keep up with the heat?

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