Is it a birthday present? A thank you gift? Are you just feeling generous? Or, perhaps, are you just treating yourself to a new music gift?

Whatever your reasoning, we’re sure you want to find the best budget music gift. Musicians and music lovers alike are going to love any of the potential gifts that we have listed. From retro-style coasters to boxes that play music – we’ve got you & your $20 budget catered for.

There are a number of gifts for music lovers under $20, and w took the time to refine the list we found to give you only our favorite five gifts ideas for musicians and music lovers… while some are unique gifts for musicians, too. Not only unique, but we did also find some personalized gifts for musicians, so you no longer have to worry about what to buy for a music lover.

This Is Your Brain On Music    

This Is Your Brain On Music is a bestselling book on the science behind music and its relationship with our brains. We’re sure you and the music lover/musician you’re thinking of buying for has sat and thought about what it is about music that makes us enjoy it so much? If so, this is the gift for them (and you).

This Is Your Brain On Music, Source: Amazon

The book dives deep into the neuroscience and psychology of music, but it’s an easy read – tailored for audiences who aren’t necessarily academic. The author Daniel Levitin’s of simple explanations complicated subjects is legendary. Doubled with his expertise in both neuroscience and music does make him the writer best suited for taking us on a journey through everything we know about music. 

In the book, there are fantastic insights and facts. All information is referenced for readers who wanted to dive even deeper into the science of music, making it a fantastic gift for knowledge seekers. This Is Your Brain On Music is great for music lovers, musicians, and music producers of all ages, no matter their skill level.

DIY Music Box: Make Your Own Songs   

Here comes a quirky gift. This DIY music box allows us to make our own songs on included musical paper, and the box plays it back to us.

DIY Music Box, Source: Amazon

All we need to do is write out a song, punch in the notes with the included hole punch, and then feed the paper into the piano and it’ll play it! The handle on the side of the device turns, and thus feeds the paper through the box and plays the music.

The paper can be stored in the top compartment of the music box, and extra music paper is available so the songwriting never has to end.

Retro Vinyl Coasters

These vinyl coasters look great wherever they’re placed (I may or may not have treated myself to some). They’re amazing gifts for music lovers and musicians alike. But, of course, we can’t forget about DJ’s here either. Regardless of whether or not the loved ones you’re buying to play an instrument or not, these vinyl coasters are an exceptionally affordable gift that will bring a smile to their faces.

Retro Vinyl Coasters, Source: Amazon

Fantastic for the coffee table, bedside table, or dining table. The best part? They come in a pack of six! That’s six locations in one house that are about to get the retro feel. Their non-slip rubber bottoms and non-stick silicone tops make them ergonomic too.

Each coaster has a different design, along with realistically detailed vinyl grooves.

BBQ Rock Tomgs 

Is the sun hammering down the heat? Is it time to pull out the BBQ? Now you can do that in true style and play some air guitar between grilling steaks.

BBQ Rock Tongs, Source: Amazon

These BBQ rock tongs are made of stainless steel and a wooden handle that’s as sturdy as any. At 15.4″ long, these extra-long tongs are perfect for the BBQ as well as your private air guitar moments. To avoid burns and to reach right across the grill.

If the BBQ rock tongs aren’t right or just aren’t enough, there’s also a BBQ Rock Spatula for flipping burgers (and playing air guitar).

Musicians Coffee Mug

Before entering the studio, musicians and music producers need only one thing. That’s a good cup of tea or coffee.

Musicians coffee mug, Source: Amazon

So, a personalized music mug is not only a great music gift but a great gift in general – because countless people love coffee and tea.

There’s a huge range of options available for you, so we’re confident that you’ll find the right gift you’re sure to find the perfect gift for a music lover, not just a musician.

But there’s more. A musician may need a good cup of tea/coffee or even just a refreshing water while they’re playing. For those players comes an even better gift – the clamp-on drink holder by Vater.

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