TC Electronic has announced INFINITE. INFINITE is a sample sustainer pedal that allows you to do what it says right here on the tin.

INFINITE Sample Sustainer allows players to both captures and sustains a moment in their audio. With this tool, you can stack and layer notes, chords, and whole phrases. You can fade them out or have them hang on infinitely, reports

The new TC Electronic INFINITE Sample Sustainer seems to be offering players some creative and unique ways of playing with sound to its core. You can layer, fade out, or make individual notes and chords last forever (or as long as you like).

INFINITE has an onboard reverb effect that uses the TC Hall of Reverb algorithm. You can toggle the reverb between on/off via the Dry/Verb toggle switch.

Decay, Level, and Fade In controls all come packed in the pedal, as well as an FX Type rotary selector switch which gives you full access to the various effects available.

The INFINITE Sample Sustainer pedal has a Latching or Momentary mode which dictates the duration f the held sample, as well as a built-in FX Loop for patching more effects into the sustained part of the signal path.

With INFINITE on your board, you’ll be able to capture and sustain a moment in audio. If DITTO LOOPER is like the camera on your phone where you can loop a video sequence, INFINTE is like the Polaroid for sound, allowing you to build amazing soundscapes and captivating moods whenever and wherever between now and forever. Instant sound snapshots so to speak!

TC Electronic

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