If you’re one of the many Phase Plant users that requested a granular synthesis engine to expand the already feature packed plugin with a whole new set of possibilities… this is for you!

If you aren’t already clued up on granular synthesis, chech out our blog post on that subject here, then come back for this exciting update.

Image credit: Kilohearts

Phase Plant granular features

One of the most important factors when it comes to defining the sound you want to make is the generators section of Phase Plant, as this is your sound source.

When you load up the new granular generator, it comes with a bunch of samples pre-loaded, but you aren’t limited to what Kilohearts have provided here, you can add samples of your own.

They’ve thoughtfully added every paramenter you might need in a granular synth, and have made them completely tweakable, so you can get the perfect sound and manupulate the sound using modulation, automation and external controllers for granular control and abilities to perform live.

They’ve now updated the Phase Plant manual with full rundowns of the new parameters, such as Grain Envelope specifications, pitch and phase, randomisation of grain position, timing, pitch, pan, level, and others.

The generator has three grain spawn timing modes available; RateSync, and Density. Launch grains with precise frequency up to 5 kHz so they become tones or sync them up with your project tempo so they hit on the beat.

You could go completely the other way and make things so random that you can create more unpredictable, timeless soundscapes.

Set Chord Mode on to trigger your grains at different pitches from a selection of available chords.

Set the range in octaves (or fractions of octaves) and choose to play notes randomly or in sequence for beautiful soundscapes and sequences.

Kilohearts have even provided a brand new Sample Editor tool, which allows you to quickly snip, slice, fade, and preview your samples in real-time as you work on your patches!

Sample Editor – Image Creadit: Kilohearts

How to get Phase Plant

The best thing is, the update is completely free for all existing Phase Plant owners!

If you don’t already own Phase Plant, don’t worry, you can buy it outright at their site, or as part of their nifty subscription plan!

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