Sknote has announced MetaVocals which is an all-in-one toolkit for processing your vocal channels with auto-tuning, doubling, harmonizing, vocoding and a voice-to-synth feature, reports

Sknote is offering MetaVocals with 40% as a pre-sale offer! All of your vocal processing needs can be met this Black Friday!

MetaVocals by Sknote is designed as a tool that’s easy to learn and use with its accessible user interface. Quick results and multi-tasking are the expertise of this particular plugin. Built around a real-time tuning engine, MetaVocals can perform serval tasks at once and achieve results from subtle pitch correction to obvious autotune effects.

We can set our desired scale via the “keyboard” at the bottom of the interface, and we can also adjust the speed of the onboard automatic tuning effect. MetaVocals can output MIDI notes that we can edit and send back through MetaVocals for playback.

Extremely creative opportunities await!

As well as these awesome tuning and MIDI tools, MetaVocals also acts as a harmonizer and doubler that generates a total of two additional voices to give your input signal more width. MIDI events can even be used to automate these tools too!

For even more creative opportunities come the vocoder and vocal synth features. The synthesizer converts any input signal to a synthetic sound, which is controlled by the vocal tracks’ characteristics. As for the vocoder, it controls the timbre of the synthesized sound by using the frequency spectrum of the input signal!

etaVocals offers any producer in EDM and other popular genres a lot for a small price. Is this the ultimate vocal processing synth?

For $29.99, we think so! Pre-order now before the sale ends. MetaVocals is compatible with Windows and macOS in VST, AU and AAX formats.

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