The MASCHINE MK3 Dinamo is a super exclusive collaboration piece, put together by Native instruments and the iconic Basel-based type foundry Dinamo, limited to only 750 pieces worldwide.

The unit is at its essence a MASCHNIE MK3, but features the a slick silver and black screenprint with the Dinamo inktrap typeface on each surface. The inktrap fonts were originally designed to control ink bleed in early printing, but it’s being used in this instance to control light bleed on the laser etches buttons on the MASCHINE unit.

The typeface that covers the edges of the unit that take from throw-up graffiti and marquee news tickers of the  80s and 90s-era, which was also the time period in which sample-based music creation became popularised.

This is the most recent of the limited-edition runs that Native Instruments have done such as the Komplete Kontrol M32 in collaboration with Timbaland’s Beatclub, that was overhauled with a molten blue colourway earlier this year.

The MASCHINE Dinamo collaboration is available on the Native Instruments website at a price of $649/£539